Volume 58     
Number 1   
Summer 2020  



Editor: ./Steven Toaddy


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What Will Tomorrow Hold?

./Steven Toaddy

President’s Column:  Moving Forward
Georgia T. Chao

Max. Classroom Capacity: What I Learned by Failing Homeschool
Loren J. Naidoo

SIOP Award Winners: Meet the Team Who Won the M. Scott Myers Award for Applied Research in the Workplace!
Liberty J. Munson

SIOP Award Winners: Sidney A. Fine Grant for Research on Job Analysis
Liberty J. Munson

Local I-O Groups Managing Through COVID-19
Peter J. Rutigliano, Ginger Whalen, Anna Erickson, Lindsay R. Perez, Lori Wieters, Comila Shahani-Denning, Roza Jankovic, and Kevin Nilan

Touro College

Touro College

Touro College
New Initiative!

New Initiative!

New Initiative!
APA Journals

APA Journals

APA Journals


  The SIOP Income & Employment Report Is Here!
Kristl Davison, Chantale Antonik, Alyssa Kaszycki, Amy DuVernet, and Scott Oppler


  I-O Can Has Meme? Using Memes to Engage Others With I-O Psychology Content
William P. Jimenez, Lisa M. Kath, Sayeedul Islam, and Gordon B. Schmidt


  TIP-Topics: Virtually Indestructible: How to Thrive in the Digital World as a Graduate Student During COVID-19
Andrew Tenbrink, Mallory Smith, Georgia LaMarre, Laura Pineault, and Tyleen Lopez


  Opening Up: Credibility Multipliers: Simple Yet Effective Tactics for Practicing Open Science Principles
Christopher M. Castille, Fred Oswald, Sebastian Marin, and Tanja Bipp


  The Bridge: Connecting Science and Practice
Kimberly Adams, Stephanie Zajac, and Tara Myers