SIOP Surveys

SIOP Surveys

Member and Exit Surveys

SIOP periodically surveys its members to understand opinions of and issues facing Industrial and Organizational Psychologists.


Additional SIOP Research

Additional SIOP resources and surveys over the years to assist in general knowledge and research.

Conference Surveys

SIOP Conference Surveys are sponsored by the SIOP Conference Committee and designed to assess participants’ satisfaction with the SIOP Annual Conferences.


Survey Calendar


All member surveys should be scheduled in advance to facilitate review and administration. Before scheduling your survey, please review SIOP’s research guidelines and contact the committee to add your survey to the calendar.




Income & Employment Surveys

The Institutional Research Committee collects SIOP member employment information every three years, data that members can leverage in their own salary negotiations and/or hiring of I-O psychologists.

2022 Income & Employment Survey Executive Summary


SIOP Survey Guide

In order to combat survey fatigue, as well as to ensure standardization among member solicitation, it is important that you review the guidelines listed here. 





Important Information

Surveys of SIOP members are monitored by the Institutional Research Committee (IRC), which establishes policies regarding SIOP's participation in surveys and third-party research including the use and disposition of data. The committee has two objectives. First, to maximize the value to SIOP of the surveys it sponsors (e.g., salary, career, and member practice surveys) by defining how the data are archived, accessed, and used. The second is to guide SIOP interactions with third-party researchers who wish to use SIOP data or collect data from SIOP members for research purposes. The Institutional Research Committee conducts the SIOP Income & Employment Survey and reviews surveys conducted by other SIOP committees, including member and conference surveys, and reviews research involving SIOP members conducted by third-party researchers.

SIOP Survey Guidelines