Graduate Training Program

Graduate Training Program

Graduate Training Programs in I-O Psychology and Related Fields

This database provides information about graduate-level training programs in Industrial and Organizational (I-O) Psychology. In addition, graduate-level programs in related business fields (e.g., Human Resource Management (HR), Organizational Behavior (OB), Industrial and Labor Relations, ILR) are also included. The database describes programs leading to a Ph.D. (or other doctoral-level) degree in Psychology Departments and in Business Schools, and programs leading to a terminal Master's degree.

As an aid you may go to How to Choose a Graduate Training Program which also has Guidelines for Education and Training in Industrial-Organizational Psychology

SIOP makes no guarantee regarding the quality of education offered by any of the programs listed in Graduate Training Programs in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and Related Fields nor for the accuracy of this information. The listing of any program in this database is not a guarantee that a graduate will be approved for membership in SIOP. Membership requirements in SIOP can be found here.

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Online Program

    Please note that SIOP does not screen or endorse any particular educational programs, but lists only the programs that responded to the annual Graduate Training Programs in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and Related Fields survey or programs that have requested to be listed. Some of the programs listed may be distance-learning type programs, but the exact number of such programs is not clear.  Those that did clearly indicate they were distance-learning programs are listed as such. Other programs may or may not have distance-learning as part of their curriculum. 

    If your institution is not listed in the GTP, please download the blank form and send it to our office. 

    Printable Form for New Sign-up or current program updates   Print out this form and complete the information, then scan and email (, or mail (SIOP, 6635 W Central Ave #105 Toledo, OH 43617) the form to the SIOP Administrative Office.

    Editable Form for New Sign-up or current program updates  Click to open, save to your computer, input data onscreen into the document, then re-save and email to You can also print this form after filling in the fields and fax or mail it to the SIOP Administrative Office.

    Both forms are PDF files ( Note:  To access a GTP PDF form, you must have Acrobat 6. You can get Acrobat 6 here.)