I-O Psychology Student Videos


Videos for I-O Psychology Students

Industrial and Organizational (I-O) Psychologists work to provide strategically focused and scientifically rigorous solutions to work issues facing individuals, teams, and organizations. 

The webinars linked from this page are intended for students and others considering I-O psychology careers. The videos are developed by the SIOP Visibility Committee, as part of SIOP’s mission to enhance human well-being and performance in organizational and work settings by promoting the science, practice, and teaching of industrial-organizational psychology. Many are recordings of live-streamed events.

Other webinars of interest to HR managers and I-O practitioners can be found here. Please contact the SIOP Communications Department, comms@siop.org, with questions. 

Take the next step on your career path with a webinar!

Meet several I-O psychologists and learn about what they do in this brief introduction to an interesting and meaningful career field. 

This 47-minute webinar live-streamed in 2017 is intended to teach students how to get the most out of their SIOP membership, including making the most of the SIOP conference. Hear from the SIOP Membership Services Specialist Jayne Tegge and SIOP's Conference Chair 2016-2018, Daisy Chang. The discussion focuses on how to take advantage of what SIOP offers students in I-O psychology. Don’t miss this invaluable hour of information and strategies for making the most of your membership and SIOP conferences!

Four I-O Psychology faculty members and two students discuss strategic and tactical considerations for people who are interested in pursuing careers and advanced degrees in Industrial Organizational Psychology. Subjects include the difference between masters and PhD programs, successfully navigating the application process and much more.

Have you contemplated a career in Industrial-Organizational Psychology? “Hot Topics in I-O Psychology” is a great place to start learning about exciting career paths in the field where business and psychology meet. The webinar will introduce the field of Industrial-Organizational Psychology, and showcase the hottest trends and career paths within the field.  Live panelists who are experts in the field will be online to present their work and answer your questions.

This webinar is a great place to start learning about the exciting career path where business and psychology meet. The webinar introduces the field of industrial-organizational psychology and discusses the daily activities of I-O psychologists employed in various sectors of the workforce. Panelists with different I-O-related careers answer questions about several aspects of their work, including job duties, demands, and rewards, as well as the qualities needed for success!


Note: Sponsorship of the Webinar does not imply endorsement of any particular I-O program by SIOP. For a complete list of I-O programs, please visit https://0-www-siop-org.library.alliant.edu/Events-Education/Graduate-Training-Program.