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Interested in Joining SIOP?

Please read these eligibility requirements carefully as each is governed by the Society’s Bylaws.

The SIOP Membership Committee, comprised of SIOP member-volunteers, reviews professional membership applications and will verify degrees of professional member applicants (Member/Associate.)

In order to reduce delays in your membership application process, please carefully review the information below before submitting your application to ensure you have met ALL requirements.


Membership Requirements - click each type for specifics

  • Be a post-secondary student with an interest in the purpose of the society as stated in Article I, Section 2. society student status may also be granted to individuals who have graduated within the past 12 months and may not yet be eligible for a professional membership status.

Student applicants are automatically approved for membership upon payment of the dues.




How Do I Proceed?

Click the button below to apply.  Please fill out all fields in the application to prevent delays in processing.  All fields are required (i.e. date of birth, name on your diploma) so that we may verify your highest degree, which is the final step in the application process.

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Need to convince your boss? The SIOP Membership Benefit Explanation Letter can assist you in justifying the expense of SIOP dues to your employer.

If your membership question is not answered here, please contact the SIOP Office, at or 419-353-0032.


Want to know how to become a member? View our membership brochure to learn more about the benefits of joining SIOP.