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Understanding and Evaluating AI Solutions
11 a.m. to 2 p.m. ET on Wednesday, August 14

Evidence-Based Strategies for Building Inclusive Workplaces

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May 22, 2024


11 a.m. to 2 p.m. ET

Workshop Coordinators

Crystal Turner and Sarah Thomas


$159 Members; $189 Non-Members;  $170 Affiliates 

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CE Credits: 

Details can be found on the Work Smart Series CE page.

Intended Audience

Intermediate: Solid understanding of the basic concepts covered in this learning program is assumed and may not be discussed or only discussed briefly in this learning program. Intended for someone with some experience in this content area.


Building on graduate-level education in I-O psychology or HR management, participants should have a working knowledge of inferential statistics, program evaluation, and DEI concepts, though they need not be experts.

Detailed Description:

Dr. Meisha-ann Martin and Dr. Nicholas Salter will present Evidence-Based Strategies for Building Inclusive Workplaces, a discussion on recognizing the signs of organizational bias and exploring steps that can be taken to foster a more inclusive work environment from both an academic and practitioner perspective. Drs. Martin and Salter will share DEI expertise in a research and an applied lens.
In addition to furthering their understanding of this important topic, attendees will also gain practical takeaways to consider for their workplaces. Best practice recommendations across the human capital lifecycle and a DEI maturity model will be introduced as supports to HR processes and decision-making. Helpful resources, including articles and frameworks, will be available to attendees to further the application of learning.

Learning Objectives:

Attendees will leave this workshop able to:

  • Describe three best practices of inclusion throughout the human capital lifecycle.
  • Describe how systemic bias can occur in each of the stages in the human capital lifecycle.
  • Describe how systemic bias can occur in each of the stages in the maturity model of DEI.
  • Design at least one strategic HR process with a decision-making framework to identify signals of bias within an organization.
  • Complete exercises to create recommendations for fostering inclusion and addressing systemic bias at each stage in the human capital lifecycle.



Meisha-ann Martin's headshotMeisha-ann Martin

Meisha-ann has a PhD in Industrial-Organizational Psychology and has spent almost twenty years as a researcher and practitioner. Dr. Martin is considered a People Analytics/Employee Experience expert as she has led these efforts in companies like Flex, JetBlue and Raymond James Financial and also led the Talent Management function at ServiceMaster. In her current role as Senior Director, People Analytics and Research at Workhuman, Dr. Martin is part of the Workhuman Consulting Practice. She provides analytics consulting to clients and prospects and works closely with the team focused on proving the impact of positive work experiences for individuals and organizations. She is considered a thought leader in this space and regularly speaks on topics like recognition, wellness, inclusion and psychological safety. She is a regular contributor to articles that have appeared in Forbes, Fortune, Bloomberg, HR Executive, HR Dive and Benefits Pro and has been recognized by HR Executive as one of the Top 100 HR Tech Influencers. She was born and raised in Jamaica and tries to visit family in Jamaica and England as often as she can. She also likes to travel to lots of other places, visiting local haunts and eating local foods. When she is home, Meisha-ann enjoys cooking, reading and the great outdoors.


Nicholas SlaterNicholas Salter

Dr. Nicholas Salter (he/him) is an Associate Professor of Industrial-Organizational Psychology at Hofstra University. He received his PhD from the Bowling Green State University. As the director of the Workplace Inclusion, Leadership, and Diversity (WILD) research lab, his interests explore issues of diversity and inclusion of all kinds in the workplace, including gender, race, sexual orientation, and intersectionality, among other topics, as well as the unique experiences of minorities in leadership positions. He takes a holistic view of minority experiences in the workplace, examining not just the challenges faced, but also the strengths being a minoritized or underrepresented individual can afford a person. Dr. Salter strongly believes in the importance of outreach and working with the community to make research meaningful in the working world; he has been invited to speak to multiple organizations and is regularly featured in media. He has also served on various SIOP committees, including the LGBT committee as the chair of the research team, CEMA, and Membership as the D&I lead. He and his students regularly present at national conferences as well as publish in various scholarly journals and academic books. When not working, he enjoys being with his family – and in particular, his toddler son who is a mini-tornado of energy and love.


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