Work Smart Series

Workplace Mistreatment: Science and Solutions



  • Shannon Taylor
  • Kimberly Young McLear


May 24, 2023


11 a.m. to 1 p.m. ET

Session Coordinators

Ali O’Malley, Ph.D.


CE Credits: 

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Intended Audience

This workshop is intended for business leaders, I-O psychologists, coaches, DEIB specialists, and everyone committed to promoting the dignity and well-being of all organization members.


Suitable for all levels (beginner to advanced)

Detailed Description:

Workplace mistreatment increases depression, anxiety, burnout, low self-esteem, low life satisfaction, and psychological distress, and decreases work productivity. In a recent meta-analysis, researchers reported that an average of 34% of employees experience workplace mistreatment and 44% of employees witness mistreatment. The estimated cost  of workplace mistreatment ranged from $691.70 billion to $1.97 trillion annually.

This highly interactive session begins with Dr. Shannon Taylor’s overview of the state of the science of workplace mistreatment. Dr. Taylor’s work has appeared in top I-O and management journals and has been featured by The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and NPR. He is also a contributor to the Harvard Business Review. Dr. Taylor’s overview will be followed by a fireside chat with Dr. Young-McLear, a veteran of the United States Coast Guard. As a whistleblower and survivor of workplace bullying and retaliation, she leverages her own experiences including testifying on Capitol Hill to build effective, positive coalitions centered on systemic change. She has been featured in numerous outlets including The New York Times, Forbes, and a cover issue of Glamour.

Attendees will leave this virtual session more aware of how workplace mistreatment causes harm, more equipped to take meaningful actions that shift cultures so that workplace mistreatment is no longer tolerated and perpetuated, and more connected to others who share their commitment to promoting the dignity and well-being of all organization members. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the conceptual distinctions between various forms of workplace mistreatment (e.g., incivility, aggression, bullying)
  • Identify at least two organizational antecedents of workplace mistreatment 
  • Identify at least three job-related or health and well-being outcomes of workplace mistreatment 
  • Describe the implementation of at least one evidence-based intervention to mitigate workplace mistreatment


Kimberly Young McLear

Dr. Kimberly Young-McLear is a Coast Guard veteran, whistleblower, and survivor of workplace bullying and retaliation. Kimberly has a Ph.D. in Systems Engineering from The George Washington University, a M.S. in Industrial Administration from Purdue University, and a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University. She also is certified as a Project Management Professional (PMP). Prior to accepting a position at the Coast Guard Academy, Young-McLear served as the Special Assistant to the Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security (DHS) where she provided direct support to a Deputy Cabinet Secretary for the development of DHS policy, mission planning, and execution for 240K employees.


Shannon Taylor

Shannon Taylor, PhD, is a Professor of Management at the University of Central Florida. He holds a BS in Finance from Bradley University, where he played on the men’s varsity soccer team, and a PhD in Management from Louisiana State University. Taylor’s expertise focuses on leadership and toxic work cultures (think rude employees, abusive bosses). He has given more than 50 presentations at international conferences and has published in leading journals in management and applied psychology. His work has been featured by The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Time, MSNBC, CBS News, Fox News, the BBC, and NPR, and he is a contributor to the Harvard Business Review. Dr. Taylor also consults and delivers workshops for companies around the world.


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