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Save the Date: Measuring the Impact of Leadership Development




November 8, 2023


11 a.m. to 2 p.m. ET 

Workshop Coordinator

Chia-Lin Ho


$159 Members; $189 Non-Members

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Intended Audience

This workshop is intended for I-O psychologists, talent management professionals, and other HR professionals interested in learning more impact evaluation for leadership development.


Beginner to intermediate. Relevant to all practitioners involved training, learning, and leadership development.

Detailed Description:

In leader development, a reverse trend in confidence in the leaders of major institutions and annual spending on leadership development has been observed over a decade. We spend more and more to develop leaders, but we are less and less satisfied with the leaders and corporations are still concerned about insufficient bench strength for future talent needs. The evaluation problem has been identified as one of the persistent, overarching problems that frequently undermine the impact of leadership development efforts. Drawing on practical experience and research findings, this workshop will examine and discuss current practices and future opportunities in evaluating the impact of leadership development solutions. An impact evaluation framework will be introduced, and its applications will be demonstrated. The audience will get hands on experience in designing an impact evaluation plan for a leadership development solution, through small group discussions and application exercises. 


Learning Objectives:

  • Describe evaluation issues in leadership development
  • Detail opportunities to demonstrate the value of leadership development initiatives
  • Identify five key components to consider when designing an impact evaluation plan for leadership development solutions
  • Apply at least one strategy for measuring the impact of leadership development solution


Rob Kaiser headshopRob Kaiser

Today's leaders face a world of unprecedented disruption. Rob has devoted his career to assessing, selecting, and developing leaders who build better cultures and get better results despite the chaos of constant churn. Starting at the Center for Creative Leadership, Rob participated in ground-breaking research that led me to conclude that versatility is the key to leading effectively in a disruptive world. As a partner in the executive development firm, Kaplan DeVries Inc., Rob pioneered innovative leadership assessment and deep-dive, inside-out development for C-suite executives before the practice of executive coaching had a name. As founder of Kaiser Leadership Solutions, Rob created a suite of tools – the patented Leadership Versatility Index, Progress Report, and Integrated Personality Summary – to help managers become the versatile leaders their organizations need.

These days, Rob trains coaches, executive educators, and talent professionals in the use of the aforementioned tools, and uses them in his own executive assessment and coaching practice as well as in leadership development programs that he designs and delivers for some of the world’s best-known corporations.

Rob continues to conduct research, publish articles, write books, and speak about the important issues in leadership with the business press and at events around the world.


Chia-Lin Ho headshotChia-Lin Ho

Dr. Chia-Lin Ho is a Behavioral Science Consultant at Ho & Associates. She has over sixteen years of experience in measurement and assessment, in both applied and academic settings. Over the past six years, she has developed and executed measurement strategies and plans to evaluate the impact and effectiveness of various learning and development solutions ranging from microlearning to year-long leadership development programs, and measure a full range of learning impact metrics, including behavior change and business results. Chia-Lin has also led the development of an evaluation system to capture the impact of various leadership development and team building programs. Prior to that, she helped the U.S. government evaluate their programs and policies for military service members and veterans, including the congressionally mandated National Vietnam Veterans Longitudinal Study. She has published her work in peer reviewed journals and book chapters, and presented at numerous conferences. She received her master’s degree and Ph.D. in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from University of North Carolina at Charlotte and North Carolina State University, respectively.



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