SIOP Member Benefits

Membership Benefits


As the premier professional association dedicated to advancing the field of I-O psychology, we have nearly 9,000 annual members worldwide who already know the value of a SIOP membership to their career and educational pursuits.

Membership fees are structured to allow students, working professionals, and retired members to make a lifelong commitment to SIOP. Active participation in the organization, and the professional development and networking opportunities derived from that, makes SIOP an outstanding membership investment.

Subscriptions and resources to keep you up-to-date on the I-O profession:


Networking and visibility to expand your reach and contacts:

  • Promote your brand through the Media Resources database.* Volunteer to be interviewed by the media for news stories on I-O matters.
  • Meet locally with like-minded I-O people by attending a Local I-O Group event.
  • Develop leadership skills and professional relationships while giving back to the Society by volunteering to serve on a SIOP Committee or the Executive Board.
  • Advertise your consulting services for FREE by registering for the SIOP Consultant Locator Service*.
  • Connect with employers/employees to find the best candidates, jobs, internships, and post-doctoral positions through our Conference Career Center, hosted by YM Careers
  • Attend the SIOP Annual Conference and Leading Edge ConsortiumPresent your research and learn from leading members of the I-O field.
  • Monitor the latest insider I-O info by following SIOP social media and connect with others in the profession.
  • Share your SIOP membership with exclusive SIOP member badges to enhance your email signature and personal webpage


Incentives to further your career without breaking the bank:


*Membership benefits are available to all membership types with a few exceptions. Review a chart explaining all member benefits sorted by membership type here. For complete benefits information see the Member Handbook.


Need help selling your SIOP membership at work? Use this letter to convince your boss.

How do I join or renew?

The SIOP membership requirements and instructions for application are outlined in the link below.

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Please review the dues payments schedule for more information by following the link below. 

When will you need to pay dues?


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Hear what others are saying about SIOP membership:

“My SIOP membership is a game-changer for our career management practice, offering access to a deep arsenal of tools and contacts in support of our mission to build and mobilize evidence-based programs that inspire candidates to thrive in the world of work.”   -Margi Williams, SIOP member since 2014

“One of the best things about SIOP is the Annual Conference. It is great to connect with so many other professionals in our field and I always learn so much every year.”   -Dr. Rose Mueller-Hanson, SIOP member since 1997

“I joined SIOP over 37 years ago and it continues to be the one and only professional society that meets the needs of both academics and practitioners in Industrial/Organizational Psychology; and encourages the interaction between both for the benefit of both science and organizations.  If you are a serious I/O professional and are not actively contributing in SIOP then you are missing a great opportunity.”   -Richard M. Vosburgh, Ph.D., SIOP member since 1981

“I value my membership in SIOP…having the opportunity to interact and network with colleagues at conferences, to further the growth of our profession through committee work, and to stay up to date on new research, practice, and emerging issues and trends. SIOP serves a very valuable role in my professional practice.”   -Dr. Mark Poteet, SIOP member since 1992

“Being a SIOP member is critical to my professional career. It provides me access to valuable resources like the Member Directory, and opportunities to keep up-to-date on our field’s latest research as well as the latest challenges that are being faced in the workplace.”   -Tiffany Poeppelman, SIOP member since 2009

“We connected due to our active participation in the SIOP Annual Conference. A member introduced us, suggesting that we collaborate on our topic of shared interest. We also serve as testament to the scientist-practitioner model.”   -Dr. Stephanie R. Klein, SIOP member since 1995 and Dr. Ann H. Huffman, SIOP member since 2001