SIOP Museum



The history of I-O psychology is varied and fascinating, stretching back to the earliest days of Hugo Munsterberg, through the Industrial Revolution, and into the turbulent years of the formation of SIOP. Learn more about past presidents, conferences, and other exciting events in I-O history as you take a virtual walk through these halls.

Here you will find the history of SIOP and Division 14, such as Laura Koppes’ historical overview of SIOP, a graphical timeline of SIOP’s history, History Posters for the SIOP conferences, and other items.

This wing contains historical information on the very early days of I-O psychology (i.e., pre-WWII).

This wing contains photographs of nearly all SIOP Past Presidents and links to their autobiographies (when available) or other biographical information.


This wing contains historical information from WWII and afterwards.

Each year, a poster describing the annual SIOP conference is prepared.  You can view the posters online.

The library contains copies of history-related articles that appeared in SIOP’s TIP newsletter, including the History Corner column and a series on early I-O psychology doctoral programs edited by Edward Levine.

Here you will find general information on the history of I-O psychology.

Frank Landy published several different versions of the I-O family tree, showing the academic lineage of SIOP Past Presidents.