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SIOP Organizational Frontiers Book Series

The SIOP Organizational Frontiers Series examines workplace topics through cutting edge research and practices derived from I-O psychology and related disciplines. Synthesizing information from a variety of disciplines, the Organizational Frontiers Series helps researchers and practitioners stay abreast of developments in the constantly evolving workplace.

Working with the Routledge-Taylor & Francis Group publishers, the Organizational Frontiers Series Editorial Board produces volumes providing the latest information and supporting professional development for those working in I-O psychology, organizational behavior, human resource management, and related fields.

Since its launch in 1983, the Organizational Frontiers Series has published nearly 30 volumes on a variety of important workplace topics and developments. Individual volumes may focus on employee level influences and effects, systemic and organizational considerations, or provide an integrated view.


New Volumes!

Understanding Trust in Organizations: A Multilevel Perspective

Understanding Trust in Organizations: A Multilevel Perspective (2021)
Edited By
 Nicole Gillespie, C. Ashley Fulmer, Roy J. Lewicki

This volume examines trust within organizations from a multilevel perspective..
Learn more about Understanding Trust in Organizations.





The Psychology of Entrepreneurship: New Perspectives

The Psychology of Entrepreneurship (2020)
Edited by Michael M. Gielnik, Melissa S. Cardon, Michael Frese

This volume examines the advances in the field of the psychology of entrepreneurship..
Learn more about The Psychology of Entrepreneurship: New Perspectives.





Social Networks at Work (2019)
Edited by Daniel J. Brass and Stephen P. Borgatti

This volume examines specific network concepts and applies a network perspective to several common I-O topics.
Learn more about Social Networks at Work.





Creativity and Innovation in Organizations (2019)
Edited by Michael D. Mumford and E. Michelle Todd

Leading scholars around the globe contribute to a comprehensive review of creativity and innovation.
Learn more about Creativity and Innovation in Organizations.






Vocational Interests in the Workplace: Rethinking Behavior at Work (2019)
Edited by Christopher D. Nye and James Rounds

This essential new work creates the most comprehensive coverage to date on vocational interests.
Learn more about Vocational Interests in the Workplace.






Volumes in Production

Age and Work: Advances in Theory, Methods, and Practice 
Edited by Hannes Zacher & Cort W. Rudolph 

The workforce in most nations around the world is aging, and this has serious implications for the future of work. A distinguished set of authors from multiple disciplines considers the challenges presented by this aging workforce, and discuss how research on age and work has developed, identifying new directions are most likely to advance our understanding of age and work.  Authors examine how age is conceptualized and measured, the role of intersectionality in age research, the role of lifespan theories and generational models, research methods in age research and effective organizational strategies for coping with the challenges and taking advantage of the opportunities presented as the age profile of the workforce changes.

Data, Methods and Theory in the Organizational Sciences
Edited by Kevin R.  Murphy

The increasing availability of big data, unobtrusive data collection and archival data sets has the potential to change the relationships between data, methods, and theory.  This volume considers the implications of the changing nature of data for data integrity and interpretability, theory development, research design, data collection, and analysis.  This volume examines the implications of the changing data landscape for the training of organizational scientists and the conduct of research on behavior in organizations. Finally, it discusses the importance of correcting the current situation, and proposes ways of striking a healthier balance among data, methods, and theory.

Neurodiversity in the Workplace 
Edited by Susanne Marie Bruyėre and Adrienne Colella 

Until recently, neurodiverse individuals (i.e., individuals on the autistic spectrum or who exhibit ADHD or other neurological and developmental conditions that affect behavior and cognition) had limited opportunities in the workplace.  This volume examines how organizations are changing to attract, select and employ neurodiverse workers and to tap the sometimes-unique talents of this workforce.  A distinguished set of experts explore how recruitment, selection, training, career development and job design can be changed to reduce the barriers to employment neurodiverse individuals face.  Other authors examine the role of organizational culture and climate, peers, and leadership, as well as the development and implementation of organizational programs to provide opportunities for a neurodiverse workforce. New directions for research aimed at improving organizations’ ability to attract and utilize a neurodiverse workforce are suggested. 

Expatriates and Managing Global Mobility 
Edited by Soo Min Toh and Angelo DeNisi 

Multinational enterprises (MNEs) are an increasingly important part of the world economy and they continue to rely heavily upon expatriates as part of their global workforce.  This volume examines the way organizations manage international assignments, from how expatriates are selected through to how their repatriation is handled.  A group of diverse authors discuss issues associated with career and adjustment challenges, work-family issues, as well as the unique issues faced by women and members of racial and ethnic minorities who are sent to work abroad.  These authors also deal with new forms of expatriation, the important role played by local employees in the process, and concerns over sending expatriates to hostile environments.  Suggestions for new directions of research are proposed for each area. 


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SIOP Organizational Frontiers Series Editorial Board


Series Editors

photo of Angelo DeNisiAngelo DeNisi, Tulane University

Angelo DeNisi is the Cohen Chair of Business at Tulane University.  He has published papers in many top journals, dealing with performance appraisal and expatriate management, especially relative to the role of HCNs.  He has also published several books including an HR textbook, and has served on more than 2 dozen editorial boards. He was also Editor of the Academy of Management Journal, and has served as the President of the Academy of Management and SIOP.






Photo of Kevin MurphyKevin R. Murphy, University of Limerick, Ireland 

Kevin R. Murphy is Professor Emeritus at the University of Limerick.  He is the author of over one two hundred articles and chapters, and author or editor of eleven books, in areas ranging from psychometrics and statistical analysis to performance assessment appraisal and management.  He has served as President of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology and Editor of Journal of Applied Psychology and of Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice.  




Editorial Board

Photo of Derek AveryDerek R. Avery, University of Houston 

Derek R. Avery, PhD, is the C. T. Bauer Chair of Inclusive Leadership in the Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston. He has authored more than 100 articles and chapters focusing primarily on workforce diversity and diversity climate. He is a fellow of the Society for Industrial/Organizational Psychology and Association for Psychological Science and an associate editor of the Journal of Business and Psychology.






Photo of Jill EllingsonJill Ellingson, University of Kansas 

Jill Ellingson is the Dana Anderson Professor of Management at the University of Kansas School of Business. Her research covers topics such as hiring, retention, training, individual differences, and assessment. She edited a recent volume on autonomous learning for the SIOP Organizational Frontiers Series, is a former Associate Editor for the Journal of Applied Psychology, a Fellow of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, and an officer for the Human Resources Division of the Academy of Management.






Photo of Franco FraccaroliFranco Fraccaroli, Trento University, Italy 

Franco Fraccaroli is full professor of work and organizational psychology at Trento University (Italy). His research interests include aging and late career, work stress and psychosocial risks, psychological consequences of unemployment. He is a fellow of SIOP and IAAP. He served as President of EAWOP. He co-edit (with Finkelstein, Truxillo, and Kanfer) “Facing the challenges of a multi-age workforce:  A use-inspired Approach”, 2015, Psychology Press and (with Chmiel & Sverke) “An introduction of work and organizational psychology, 2017, Wiley.






Photo of Susan JacksonSusan E. Jackson, Rutgers University 

Susan E. Jackson is Distinguished Professor of Human Resource Management at Rutgers University, USA. Her research interests include environmental sustainability at work, employee burnout, work team diversity, and strategic HRM. Her editorial experience includes editing three SIOP books (Diversity in the Workplace: Human Resources Initiatives; Managing Knowledge for Sustained Competitive Advantage: Designing Strategies for Effective Human Resource Management; and Managing Human Resources for Environmental Sustainability) and serving as Editor of the Academy of Management Review






Paul Sparrow, Lancaster University, UK 

Paul Sparrow is Professor Emeritus of International HRM at Lancaster University Management School.  He has served as Editor of the Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology.  He was voted amongst the Most Influential HR Thinkers by Human Resources magazine from 2008-12 and 2014-16 and in 2016 was awarded the USA’s Society for HRM Michael R. Losey Prize for lifetime achievement in human resource research and research contributions that impact the HR management field.






Photo of Hannes ZacherHannes Zacher, Leipzig University 

Hannes Zacher is Professor of Work and Organizational Psychology at Leipzig University in Germany. He previously held academic positions in Australia and the Netherlands. In his research program, he investigates aging at work, career development, occupational health and well-being, and proactive work behavior. His research is well-supported by competitive grants and funding from industry partners. He has published his work in top-tier international outlets, including American Psychologist, Journal of Applied Psychology, and Psychology and Aging.






Photo of Jing ZhouJing Zhou, Rice University

 Jing Zhou, PhD, is Mary Gibbs Jones Professor of Management, Organizational Behavior Area Coordinator, Director for Asian Management Research and Education, and Director of Ph.D. Program at the Jones Graduate School of Business of Rice University. A Fellow of SIOP, APA, and APS, her research interests include creativity and innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship, and cross-cultural differences. She co-edited Handbook of Organizational Creativity and The Oxford handbook of creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship.