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Editor’s Column: What Will Tomorrow Hold?

./Steven Toaddy

Between when I write this and it goes live, I don’t know how the world will change yet again. That’s always the case, I suppose, but I suspect that you suspect that it is more the case in these days than it was a year ago. Presently we are experiencing both the aftereffects of a sudden and unbidden shift from that with which we had all grown accustomed to some new and relatively static world on the one hand and perhaps the beginning of a gradual and (in my opinion) too-long-coming shift from the world that we had accepted as inevitable to the one that, with the advantage of hindsight, seems to have been so obviously the one that everyone deserves.

I am seeing a strange mix of activism and isolation, of self-education and self-care. I see people being called upon to do more than they ever have in my lifetime, excepting those tasks that fall in the categories of attire and commute.

My dumbfoundedness aside, we all have work to do—for pay or otherwise—so let’s get to it. In this issue, we have a good number of “well, COVID-19 is a thing, so let’s get back to work” pieces, like the TIP-TOPics piece, Max Classroom Capacity, and the Local Groups piece. We have some recommendations on how to move forward, largely irrespective of the ongoing pandemic, in Opening Up and an engaging piece about memes in I-O. For my money, the Foundation Spotlight piece in this issue best captures the times in which we are living and gives us some valuable advice as to how to make this world a better one using those I-O skills that bring us all together in the first place.

Catch you in 3 more months. Let’s see if we can make them count.

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