Smarter Workplace Awareness



September is Smarter Workplace Awareness Month! We've dedicated the month to sharing information about how the science and practice of I-O psychology can improve worker well-being while creating more effective organizations.

We are again focusing on the annual Top 10 Work Trends.

The Smarter Workplace committee has been working with member experts to create special content on the Top 10 topics each week of September. The new publications will be featured in your weekly Source email and posted here.

Visit this page often during the month of September and watch SIOP’s social media accounts for new Smarter Workplace information postings.

Scroll down for resources you can use to learn more about the topics in the Top 10 Trends and to share information about SIOP with your clients and co-workers.

2021 Smarter Workplace Awareness Month News

September is Smarter Workplace Awareness Month

Smarter Workplace Awareness Month Week 2: Remote Work and Flexible Work Arrangements

Smarter Workplace Awareness Month Week 3: Organizational Agility in the Age of COVID-19

Smarter Workplace Awareness Month Week 4: Employee Health, Well-Being, Wellness, and Safety

Smarter Workplace Awareness Month Week 5: Leadership for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


2020 Smarter Workplace Awareness Month News

SWAM Looks at Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

SWAM Looks at Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity

SWAM Looks at Automation, Algorithmic Selection, and Worker Health and Well-Being

September is Smarter Workplace Awareness Month



Additional Resources

Work-Life Balance Interventions

A Marathon, Not a Sprint: The Benefits of Taking Time to Recover from Work Demands Are you binge-working? This SIOP White Paper analyzes the benefits of taking time to recover from work demands.

Work-Life Balance This SIOP White Paper examines how balancing work and personal life can make individuals feel more job and life satisfaction.

Sick, Unsafe, and Unproductive: Poor Employee Sleep is Bad for Business When workers are tired, unhealthy, and not performing well, they are less productive. Should organizations prioritize sleep? What strategies are most effective for promoting sleep? This SIOP White Paper answers these questions.

Creating Agile Organizations

Agility and Agile: An Introduction for People, Teams, and Organizations

Want More Effective Managers? Learning Agility May Be the Key This SIOP White Paper provides an overview of learning agility, provides next steps for using learning agility to identify people who are more likely to be successful in manager roles.

The Changing Nature of Work, the Gig Economy and Contract Work.

The Gig Economy: An Overview and Set of Recommendations for Practice This SIOP White Paper addresses five of the most pressing questions about the gig economy and provides recommendations for gig workers and clients to support gig workers’ productivity.

Getting Engaged: Top Tips for an Engaged Workplace SIOP White Paper discusses employee work engagement and develop steps managers can take to improve engagement in their workplace.

Improving Communications in Virtual Teams Communication is an important part of success for any team. SIOP White Paper examines avenues to improve communication in virtual teams.

What We Know About Youth Employment: Research Summary and Best Practices SIOP White Paper brings attention to youth employment and how current practices can be enhanced.

Telecommuting This SIOP White Paper white paper describes how telecommuting relates to personal and workplace outcomes and makes recommendations for appropriate implementation of telecommuting programs.

Diversity, Inclusion and Equity

Benefits of Socioeconomic Diversity to Organizations: How Organizations Can Promote and Benefit From Socioeconomic Diversity Drawing on research from various fields, this SIOP White Paper provides information on how to enact, promote, and benefit from practices promoting socioeconomic diversity among their employees.

Sexual Harassment, #MeToo at Work

Addressing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace SIOP White Paper examines definition, scope and workplace effects of sexual harassment then provides research based recommendations for prevention.

Preventing and Deterring Organizational Deviance “When norms in a work group or organization support unethical behavior, employees are more likely to act in deviant ways.” SIOP White Paper explores ways to discourage workplace deviance.

Workplace Bullying: Causes, Consequences, and Intervention Strategies SIOP White Paper discusses workplace bullying causes, consequences, and intervention strategies.

Working With Big Data

Best Practices in Linking Data to Organizational Outcomes This SIOP White Paper outlines some of the basic steps required to make valid, informative inferences based on organizational data.

Big Data at Work: Lessons from the Field In this SIOP White Paper, accomplished SIOP members discuss how to translate mountains of data into smart decisions. #SIOP White Paper examines how balancing work and personal life can make individuals feel more job and life satisfaction.