Future of Work

The pace of changes in workplace technology, the workforce, and global issues, continues to accelerate. Every business leader, regardless of industry or the size of the organization, needs to pay attention to how changes affect workers and the workplace.

The members of SIOP have created several different types of resources to help your organization meet the workforce challenges of today and tomorrow. These include books from the SIOP Organizational Frontiers Series, white papers, and webinars. All are listed here for your convenience.

SIOP is also involved in advocacy work, at the federal and international levels, in relation to workplace topics. Links to advocacy resources can be accessed from this page as well.

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Workforce Readiness and the future of work

Workforce readiness is an issue that is of great national and societal importance. For the United States and other countries to thrive in a globally interconnected environment of wide-ranging opportunities and threats, the need to develop and maintain a skilled and adaptable workforce is critical.


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Big Data at worK                    

The amount of data in our world has been exploding, and analyzing large data sets—so called big data—will become a key basis of competition in business. Statisticians and researchers will be updating their analytic approaches, methods and research to meet the demands created by the availability of big data.

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autonomous learning in the workplace

This volume offers a broad-based treatment of autonomous learning to advance our understanding of learner-driven approaches and how organizations can support them. Contributors in industrial/organizational psychology, management, education, and entrepreneurship bring theoretical perspectives to help us understand autonomous learning and its consequences for individuals and organizations.

SIOP Advocacy Resources

Find SIOP’s 2019 advocacy resource materials, including a paper on the Technology Enabled Workforce here.

Find information on work with the United Nations, the Military and Veterans Initiative, and ongoing government relations work here.

SIOP Consultant Locator


SIOP maintains a searchable database of members who are available to consult on a range of workplace topics. Access it here.

Top 10 Workplace Trends



Each year, SIOP surveys members about the most important trends they’re seeing in the workplace and publishes the results. Find information about the annual findings below.

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