TIPVolume 58     
Number 2  
Fall 2020

Editor: ./Steven Toaddy

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I-O Psychology and the Response to COVID-19: A Call to Action  
Jason G. Randall and Emily Solberg


TIPTopics: A Graduate Student’s Guide to Getting Hired in a Digital World
Andrew Tenbrink, Mallory Smith, Georgia LaMarre, Laura Pineault, Tyleen Lopez, & Molly Christophersen

Where Do We Go From Here? An Interview With Derek Avery, SIOP’s Newly Appointed Diversity and Inclusion Portfolio Officer
Susan D’Mello, Silvia Bonaccio, Cheryl Davis, Sandra Fisher, & Brent Lyons

Opening Up: How Do I Conduct Peer Review With Open Science in Mind?
Christopher M. Castille, Don Zhang, & Rachel Williamson Smith

The What , Why, How, Who, and Where of Inclusion: Highlights and the Way Forward From the SIOP 2020 Theme Track

Aarti Shyamsunder, Bernardo M. Ferdman, Emily Solberg, Katina Sawyer, Stu Carr, and Veronica Gilrane    


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SIOP UN Team TIP Column August 2020: Systemic Inequality and the United Nations: COVID-19 and Racial Inequality
Ishbel McWha-Hermann, Drew Mallory, Maria Whipple, and Mark Poteet

The Bridge: Connecting Science and Practice—High-Velocity Selection: Predicting Performance and Retention at Walmart              
Kimberly Adams, Stephanie Zajac, and Tara Myers

Foundation Spotlight: Progress on Two Initiatives             
Milton D. Hakel

Max. Classroom Capacity: An Interview With Dr. Janet Kottke
Loren J. Naidoo

A Peek Into the Online World: Evaluating the Current State of Online I-O Graduate Programs
Rebecca Grossman & Diana Sanchez

Challenges of Educating and Training I-O Graduate Students Online (Not Another COVID Story)
Adriane M. F. Sanders, Jaime B. Henning, Thomas MacCarty, & Rebecca Grossman

Taking Our Ambassador Membership Program Virtual: The 2021 Ambassador Subcommittee Seeks Your Help This Fall
Jenna-Lyn Roman & Stefanie Mockler

SIOP Award Winners: Meet Jonas Lang, Winner of the SIOP Jeanneret Award for Excellence in the Study of Individual or Group Assessment (along with Paul D. Bliese & Alex de Voogt)
Liberty J. Munson

SIOP Award Winners: Meet the Winners of the SIOP International Research and Collaboration Small Grant on Job Insecurity
Liberty J. Munson

BayState IO
Beth Melillo and Pete Rutigliano

An Update From Your APA Council Representatives
Gavan O'Shea

SIOP Frontiers Series Report–August 2020
Kevin Murphy and Angelo DeNisi

Who and Where Is SIOP? An Inside Look Into Our Current Member Demographic Data and Potential Uses for the Future
Victoria Lykins

LEC Postponed to 2021—Leading Edge: Leadership Development
Karen B. Paul

Announcing the SIOP 2021 Preconference Workshops
Rob Michel

Members in the Media
Amber Stark

Membership Milestones
Jayne Tegge

Jen Baker