Volume 60
Number 4
Spring 2023
Editor: Adriane M. F. Sanders

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Editor’s Column: Women & ADHD on Front Street
Adriane M. F. Sanders

President’s Column: Updates and Thank You
Mo Wang

Max. Classroom Capacity: ChatGPT Shakes Up I-O Psych Education…
Loren J. Naidoo

Brother, Where Art Thou? Building Membership in Local I-O Groups
Bill Handschin & Maryalice Citera

Opening Up
Christopher Castille

Using Our Science to Improve Science
Haley R. Cobb, Jack C. Friedrich, & Candice L. Thomas (guest columnists)

The Bridge: Connecting Science and Practice
Apryl Brodersen, Sarah Layman, Erika Morral, & Jen Harvel (Eds.)

The Power of Partnership: Intentionally Building the Neurodiversity Science–Practice Bridge
Kelsie Colley, Ludmila Praslova, Tiffany Jameson, Annika Benson, Tracy Powell-Rudy, & Tracey Todd Staley