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Does Your Intro to Psychology Textbook Lack Sufficient I-O Coverage? SIOP Can Help!

Steven Young and Gary Giumetti

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Every year, there are more than one million college students who take an introductory psychology course (Griggs, 2014), and the number of high school students who take an AP psychology course has grown from 3,900 in 1992 to over 300,000 in 2016 (Rodes & Berreby, 2017). These students may only take this one psychology course, so this a key opportunity to introduce these students to the field of I-O psychology. For a number of reasons, most introductory psychology textbooks lack adequate coverage of I-O psychology’s core and related content. During Tammy Allen’s tenure as SIOP president, the Education and Training Committee initiated several efforts to increase the presence of I-O content within general psychology courses, texts, exams, and so on (Allen, 2014). Based on a survey of the needs of introductory textbook authors (Giumetti, Fullick, Young, & DiazGranados, 2014), our subcommittee decided to coordinate the development of 1-page summaries of I-O competencies and related areas for inclusion in introductory psychology textbooks. All summaries were written and then reviewed by individuals with a PhD or master’s degree in I-O psychology or a related field (e.g., human factors engineering). In February 2015, an initial set of the 1-page summaries were provided to 11 textbook authors who had indicated interest in receiving more I-O and related content within this format.

International Practice Forum: Alliance for Organizational Psychology: Getting Involved as a Practitioner

Lynda Zugec

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In this edition of the International Practice Forum, the Alliance for Organizational Psychology (AOP) is highlighted in a quest to encourage a greater number of practitioners to become involved in AOP activities. Are you an internationally minded practitioner? Do you want to connect with practitioners across the globe? Have you heard or seen some of the initiatives held by the AOP at the various conferences? Are you eager to partner with academics outside your country? If so, read on to discover what is happening and how you can connect and participate!

The Alliance for Organizational Psychology (AOP): A Collaboration Among Organizational Psychology Organizations Worldwide

Donald Truxillo, Rosalind Searle, and Franco Fraccaroli

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The Alliance for Organizational Psychology (AOP) was established in 2009 by an agreement among SIOP, the European Association for Work and Organizational Psychology (EAWOP), and the Organizational Psychology Division of the International Association for Applied Psychology (IAAP-Division 1). The agreement to create AOP was signed at the 2009 SIOP conference in New Orleans, by the presidents of SIOP (Gary Latham), EAWOP (Franco Fraccaroli), and IAAP-Div. 1 (José Maria Peiró). The mission of AOP is to support and advance the science and practice of I-O psychology worldwide and to expand I-O’s application and contribution to society to improve the quality of working life.

Announcing the Corporate Social Responsibility and Prosocial/Humanitarian I-O Registry!

SIOP-United Nations Committee

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To complement and further enhance SIOP’s prosocial agenda and, more generally, to increase the visibility and impact of I-O psychology, we are happy to announce the launch of the Corporate Social Responsibility and Prosocial/Humanitarian I-O Registry. This searchable database will allow for identification of SIOP members with (a) expertise in specific IO-related CSR/HWP/prosocial content areas and (b) experiences with and interests in related activities (e.g., preparing statements to the UN, interacting with the media, responding to project solicitations). It provides an easily searchable website that allows SIOP members, members of the media, organizations, policymakers, and other relevant parties to easily identify and contact individuals with knowledge, experience, and interest in issues related to the psychology of corporate social responsibility, prosocial, and humanitarian issues.

Charting a Path to Visible I-O

Stephanie R. Klein

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SIOP’s visibility mission continues to grow in scope and importance. Visibility—for SIOP and for the field of I-O psychology—is embedded in our mission statement, our vision, and our strategic goals.


Many SIOP members are equally passionate about SIOP and I-O psychology visibility. The annual conference program is just one example: each year, sessions offer new insights on how to be visible, articulate our value, communicate with business leaders, and/or operate effectively among non-I-Os.



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