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Your Guide to Reproducible Research (RR) at SIOP 2017

Zack Horn, Rob Stilson, and Daly Vaughn

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The future has arrived for Reproducible Research (RR) at SIOP 2017, with over 60 presentations and a dedicated Saturday RR track (in room Asia 4). This open-source approach to research has caught the tech world and scientific communities by storm, and I-O psychology is quickly catching up! In poster and non-poster presentations alike, researchers across SIOP 2017 are taking a community-oriented approach to advancing robust and reliable research in I-O. So before you finalize your conference schedule, be sure to scan the program for sessions containing the “RR” logo, as at least one presenter in that session is sharing their data, analysis code, or both—for YOU to use!

Modern App:#SIOP17 Program Preview: Technology Roundup for Orlando

Tiffany Poeppelman and Evan Sinar

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As we look back to our July 2015 year in review issue (Blacksmith & Poeppelman, 2015), we could see then, as clear as it is today, the vast influence new technologies are having on our I-O research and professional efforts. Given that the significant investments in technology continue across diverse sectors and industries, in turn impacting I-O psychologists and the workplaces in which they practice and conduct research globally, we wanted to provide a summary of this year’s technology sessions to be shared at the SIOP 2017 conference. In Orlando, we expect a diverse selection of research topics across all I-O content areas, including technology. The objective of this article is to not only help streamline your potential choices for technology sessions to attend at SIOP 2017 but to also shed light on related trends we spot and gaps in technology research suggesting areas to further delve into for SIOP 2018.

LGBT-Related Functions and Programming for the 2017 SIOP Annual Conference

LGBT Committee

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The 32nd Annual Conference of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology is almost upon us, with many of us convening in the Sunshine State of Florida the last weekend of April 2017. The SIOP LGBT Committee would like to give all those interested in LGBT issues in I-O psychology (whether you identify as LGBT or as an ally) a preview of the exciting events happening at this year's SIOP conference. Therefore, in this issue our column will provide a list of all LGBT related programming that you take part in at SIOP this year. This year has a lot of content to choose from within our committee’s sphere of interest. All events below include their listed time, location, event format, and title. Also, this year will be the first year that we will have PRIDE badge tags available at the hospitality desk for you to be able to show your support at the conference. We hope you all have a wonderful and productive conference!

Prepare to Impact the Future of I-O at SIOP 2017

Tracy Kantrowitz

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Many attendees of the annual conference report that “staying current” is among the chief benefits derived from conference attendance.  There is no doubt that hearing about the latest progress in your area of expertise or learning about new methods can have immediate impact on your work. In times of ever growing change, many of us are also looking to the future and how we can drive change and propel our field and careers to make ongoing and lasting impact.



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