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Smarter Workplace Awareness Month Week 2: Remote Work and Flexible Work Arrangements

During the second week of Smarter Workplace Awareness Month (SWAM), we're highlighting this year's Top Trend of 2021, Remote Work and Flexible Work Arrangements. Even with pandemic-related social distancing orders lifting in some locations, many organizations are choosing to extend or make permanent their more flexible practices to attract and retain talent.

Even 18 months in, many leaders and managers still haven't adjusted to this new way of working. In fact, SIOP member Ben Baran and his co-host, Chris Everett, of the Indigo Anchor podcast just released this month's edition in which they discuss The Leadership Challenge of Remote and Flexible Work. Tune in to hear all about the specific leadership challenges managers face as they learn to adapt to remote and flexible work, and implications for all of us.

Interested in learning what else happened this quarter? Be sure to look for SIOP Trend Champion Lindsey Wuerfel's Q3 Round Up coming early next month. 

Throughout September, we are also collaborating with Bias Check-In, an I-O and career podcast hosted by SIOP members Susana Gómez Ornelas and Claudia Della Pona. Through their weekly episodes, the two former international students touch on I-O and early career topics for nontechnical audiences, students, and I-O practitioners alike. This week's episode opens with an interview with SIOP Member Jaclyn Jensen on SWAM and the Top Ten Work Trends of 2021. Tune in each Monday throughout the month of September for a connection with one of the Top Ten Work Trend Champions! 

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