Important Submission Information

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Important Submission Information for 2024 Conference

 Please refer to this page for all the most critical information about the CFP and the submission process.


1. Roles 

We have simplified the roles individuals can occupy in a session. When submitting proposals, submitters will only need to designate who is a speaker or non-speaking contributor. Although presenters will appear in a particular order in the submission system, this order is not saved nor will it appear in the program (see point 4, below). Please see the Eligibility section for more information on who can be a speaker.


2. Virtual Presentations

Individuals submitting virtual proposals must indicate that at least one speaker plans to attend virtually.


3. Presentation Formats

Please refer to the section Conference Programming Formats for more details. When designating your proposal as in-person, please ensure that all speakers are committed to presenting and attending in-person in Chicago. In-person sessions cannot have a mix of in-person and virtual presenters (i.e., no hybrid presentations). They must ALL be able to present in-person in a session room in Chicago. When designating your proposal as virtual, please ensure that at least one speaker plans to attend virtually (see Eligibility). Other speakers in a virtual session may attend either in-person or virtually. If you designate your proposal as flexible, then you are indicating presenters are open to either an in-person or virtual session. However, if the proposal is accepted, it will assigned a modality (in-person or virtual). The aforementioned speaker requirements will still apply once the modality is assigned. The only asynchronous-only (i.e., pre-recorded) presentation formats are available through the virtual poster format.


4. Session Information

Related to the point above on roles, while submitters are no longer required to specify author order, they will be asked to provide an APA-style citation for their session (see samples here). This is the session information that will appear in Whova (and therefore the conference program) if a submission is accepted. As such, submitters may designate specific roles (e.g., chair, discussant, etc.) as they see fit in that block of text. It is recommended that submitters share this citation text with all contributors to their sessions before submitting to verify it is correct.


5. Abstract Length 

Abstracts can be up to 600 characters.


6. Social Media

Submitters will be asked to share a social media statement. They will also be asked to provide the social media handles (e.g., Twitter @usernames, links to LinkedIn profiles) for any authors on the proposal so that SIOP can promote the session effectively on social media. This information will be inputted into the SIOP submission portal and should not be included in the submitted Word document.