Mock Interview Program

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Mock Interview Program

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The Conference Career Center (CCC) also offers a mock interview program for job seekers and seasoned professionals. This program provides all interested participants the opportunity to polish their interview skills.

To participate, you will choose from two options:

  1. Interviewer (minimum of 1 year of I-O related work experience post-grad school is required)
  2. Job Seeker

Participants will also have the opportunity to provide background information related to their experience, education, and their current or desired roles. Job seekers and interviewers will then be matched based on this information to enhance the quality of the interview experience for all participants.

Process Overview:

  • Communications with detailed instructions and available resources will be provided to all participants prior to initiating the mock interview process. At a high-level, the process components include the following depending on participation type.

Job Seekers:

  • A resume guide will be sent in advance with tips and tools to craft or update your resume.
  • Job seekers will send their resumes to their interviewer for feedback.
  • Job seekers will prepare to have one mock interview and feedback session lasting approximately one hour total.


  • A curated interview and resume review guide will be provided to assist with the review. Interviewers will have access to an online mock interview evaluation tool when completing their interview sessions.
  • Interviewers should anticipate completing a resume review and interview sessions for no more than two job seekers.