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2024 SIOP Annual Conference

2024 Partner Showcases and Tech Demos

At the 2024 SIOP Annual Conference, partners can share their knowledge and/or demo their software in paid Partner Showcases and Tech Demos. All showcases and demos will take place in the Plaza Ballroom on the lobby level of the Hyatt Regency Chicago.

Thursday, April 18

8:00-8:50 a.m. Partner Showcase
Sponsor: Glider AI

“Unveiling the Human Impact of AI Recruitment: Insights from New Research

While AI rapidly transforms recruitment, most organizations still need to embrace its full potential. Join our session as we explore the impact of AI on new hires and existing employees while considering the perspectives of hiring stakeholders. Glider AI presents initial findings from our enterprise research, delving into:

  • Candidate Experience in the AI Age
  • Revolutionizing Remote Hiring with AI-Proctoring
  • The Future of Human-AI Collaboration

Beyond the presentation, we invite active participation! Let's discuss how I/O psychologists can influence the responsible use of AI in recruitment and harness its potential for a more efficient and effective hiring process.


Fred Rafilson's headshotFred Rafilson, PhD
I-O Psychology Partner
Glider AI



9:00-10:10 a.m. Partner Showcase
Sponsor: SHL

“Practical Steps to De-Risk Talent Mobility

Many organizations are turning their attention to talent mobility with the strategic goal of positively impacting engagement, retention, and diversity.  While the potential gains are clear, we are still in the early stages of developing a set of agreed best practices.  In this session, we will hear from two organizations who are on this journey.  HB Fuller will share practical lessons learned as they have evolved the way they prepare talent to assume critical leader roles in the future. IBM will also share how they are taking targeted action to support what they call the “success assurance” of leaders who are assuming new step-up or lateral executive assignments – a step often overlooked by organizations.


Marlene Dunne's headshotMarlene Dunne, PhD
Expert Advisor



Adriana Harvey's headshotAdriana Harvey, MA I-O
Director of Leadership Development & Inclusion



Rebecca Layana's headshotRebecca Layana, PHR,SHRM-CP
Director, Global Talent Programs
H.B. Fuller



10:30-11:20 a.m. Partner Showcase
Sponsor: CodeSignal

“Amplify Growth: Revolutionizing Learning and Development with AI

With executives and high-potential leaders having privileged access, attempts to scale L&D for the broader workforce face significant challenges due to the costs associated with one-to-one coaching and in-depth development programs. This limitation hampers employee engagement, retention, and organizational agility while exacerbating disparities for underrepresented groups. This presentation delves into the essential elements of effective L&D, examining the current disparities in access across organizational levels. We explore the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a solution to this impasse, emphasizing the critical role of technical skills in addressing the evolving skills gap. Join us to explore how AI can unlock scalable L&D capabilities, fostering growth, engagement, and mobility within organizations.


Seterra Riggs Burleson's headshotSeterra Riggs Burleson, PhD
Talent Scientist



Adam Vassar's headshotAdam Vassar, MS I-O
Director of Talent Science



1:00-1:50 p.m. Partner Showcase
Sponsor: Sigma Squared

“The Future of Talent Analytics”

With advancements in AI and machine learning, and a healthy dose of economics, companies can leverage real-time employee data to achieve data-driven talent optimization and fundamentally transform productivity. Join Dr. Roland G. Fryer, award-winning Harvard economist and founder of Sigma Squared, as he shares how analytics, informed by decades of proven social science, can help companies successfully navigate this transition by investing in robust data infrastructures, building a culture that embraces data-driven decision-making, and focusing on optimization (not benchmarking).


Roland Fryer's headshotRoland Fryer, PhD
Economics Professor, Harvard
& Founder, Sigma Squared


2:00-3:10 p.m. Tech Demo
Sponsor: SHL

“Fueling Talent Mobility with Better Skills Data”

As many organizations consider how to get started with a skills-based talent strategy, they soon discover that the scope and required effort can be quite “immobilizing”.  As organizations look to technology to support their enterprise-wide collection of skills information, they are doubling down on scale at the expense of rigor.  This can have direct implications on the subjectivity and accuracy of the talent decisions that this skills information is fueling.  In this session, we will showcase how organizations can leverage assessments to enhance the integrity of the skills data that they use to match talent to roles and business challenges.


Kristen Cooper's headshotKristen Cooper, MA I-O
Head of Solutions Consulting, Americas



Marlene Dunne's headshotMarlene Dunne, PhD
Expert Advisor


4:00-4:50 p.m. Partner Showcase
Sponsor: Valence

“Leveraging AI Coaching For All with Experian, General Mills, & Schneider Electric ”

Generative AI has the potential to upend traditional one-size-fits-all leadership and learning approaches - and for some forward-thinking companies, it already has. No longer bound by trading personalization for scale, Valence’s new AI-powered Leadership Coach makes it easy to provide always-on, personalized, and actionable support to any leader or team. In this panel hear from Experian, General Mills, and Schneider Electric about what they’ve learned using AI in their work, and where they see AI technology supporting their talent and learning strategies in the future.


Richard Chamber's headshotRichard Chambers, PhD
Director, Talent Management
General Mills



Parker Mitchell's headshotParker Mitchell, PhD



Brad Haime's headshotBrad Haime, MA I-O
Global Head, Leadership Development and Careers



Carine Kauffmann's headshotCarine Kauffmann
Leadership Development Director, Global
Schneider Electric


5:00-5:50 p.m. Partner Showcase
Sponsor: Worklytics

“The ONA Hype Cycle and Why This Time is Different”

Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) has experienced several waves of interest followed by skepticism, as use cases fail to deliver on promised value. In today's era of automated, augmented, and distributed work, its importance has resurged, proving critical for navigating workplace complexities. This talk will explore ONA's evolution and provide real-world examples of use cases that show why this time is different. We'll demonstrate how ONA, now more than ever, provides essential, enduring benefits in understanding and optimizing organizational dynamics.


Philip Arkcoll's headshotPhilip Arkcoll



Michael Arena's headshotMichael Arena, PhD
Dean, Biola University Crowell Business School; Chief Science Officer, Syndezo, and Co-founder of Connected Commons


Friday, April 19

8:00-8:50 a.m. Partner Showcase
Sponsor: Sigma Squared

“Fair AI in Talent Optimization: Driving Innovation and Inclusion”

Artificial Intelligence offers transformative potential for optimizing talent management, enabling organizations to harness data-driven insights for recruitment, development, and retention strategies to reveal overlooked and under-appreciated talent. However, the human biases and inefficiencies that AI tools are poised to mitigate can be reinforced unwittingly if these solutions aren’t designed with fairness and objectivity in mind. Led by Dr. Tanaya Devi, Harvard labor economist specialized in education, workforce outcomes, and organizational decision making, this session will discuss how companies can apply AI to unlock the full potential of their workforce while upholding ethical standards and promoting diversity.


Fred Rafilson's headshotTanaya Devi, PhD
Economist and Co-Founder
Sigma Squared



9:00-10:10 a.m. Partner Showcase
Sponsor: Perceptyx

“Intelligent Nudges: The Surprising Science of Behavior Change”

HR and business leaders across industries are asking the same question: How do I drive behavior change across my organization? Behavioral science research offers surprising answers. In this session we’ll explore how to activate employees at scale using the power of nudge theory, offering a simple framework for intentional, impactful behavior change.


Sarah Foster's headshotSarah Foster, MS I-O
Head of Behavioral Science



10:30-11:20 a.m. Partner Showcase
Sponsor: Pinsight

“What Got You to Management Won’t Get You to C-Suite: Potential Is Level-Specific”

Our study of 13,000 leaders confirmed that people show potential for a specific level of management. Leadership is not one job; it differs based on the level in organizational hierarchy. We found that a different combination of characteristics predicted success in frontline vs. midlevel vs. senior management roles. The implications for talent management are vast: rather than viewing one’s career as a linear, stepwise advancement through the corporate ladder, we should consider matching people with the level of leadership they show the most potential for. Leadership potential is like an elevator and organizations and people must know which floor to get off at. In this session, we present findings from our global study of leadership potential, offer a model to conceptualize and measure it, and discuss recommendations for implementing the concepts within talent management practices.


Martin Lanik's headshotMartin Lanik, PhD




Amy Huber's headshotAmy Huber, MS I-O
Director of Client Success



1:00-1:50 p.m. Tech Demo
Sponsor: Perceptyx

“EX Transformation: Maximize Impact with the Perceptyx People Insights Platform”

Join us at the SIOP conference to explore the transformative capabilities of The People Insights Platform. For those tired of feeling stuck in a rut with your employee listening, Perceptyx technology provides the capabilities to turn insights into actionable steps that drive significant impact. With Perceptyx, gather employee feedback seamlessly, and provide users with real-time personalized insights and recommendations aligned with their individual needs and your organization's goals. Elevate your program with Perceptyx and create a thriving workplace where everyone contributes to organizational success.


Kira Foley's headshotKira Foley, PhD
Behavioral Scientist




Jason Sabet's headshotJason Sabet, MA I-O
Sr. Solutions Consulting



2:00-3:10 p.m. Partner Showcase
Sponsor: Valence

GenAI for Execs and L&D, with Google's Prasad Setty, Former Head of People Analytics"

Generative AI is going to upend how companies think about learning, leadership and development. That’s the premise of a joint report by Valence’s CEO Parker Mitchell, and Google’s Former Head of People Analytics, People Ops and Digital Workplace, Prasad Setty. Join them to learn how the dozens of interviews they conducted with dozens of CHROs and Talent Leaders helped shape their views on what’s possible, and how best to position your company in this new world.


Parker Mitchell's headshotParker Mitchell, PhD



Prasad Setty's headshotPrasad Setty
Former Head of People Analytics, People Ops and Digital Workplace


4:00-4:50 p.m. Partner Showcase
Sponsor: RHR International

“Unlocking the Secret to Successful Executive Assessment Programs”

Even for experienced talent leaders, embarking on a senior leader assessment program can feel like sailing into uncharted waters. While most industrial-organizational psychologists certainly grasp the fundamentals of assessment, few are equipped to lead an enterprise executive assessment program. Fear not, help is at hand! Visit our interactive Partner Showcase and discover how experienced talent leaders steer through the complexities of executive assessment to successfully fuel succession plans and nurture development initiatives crucial for business expansion and resilience. Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to get valuable insights that can help you elevate your organization’s leadership assessment agenda.


Jill Coln's headshotJill Coln
VP, Talent Management, Development & Culture
Discover Financial Services



Caleb Morfit's headshotCaleb Morfit, PhD
Senior Director, Global Assessment Strategy
The Coca-Cola Company




Dan Russell's headshotDan Russell, MSc, CPsychol, AFBPsS, PCC
Head of Assessment
RHR International



5:00-5:50 p.m. Tech Demo
Sponsor: Valence

“Generative AI for Coaching, L&D, and Development - Demo and Use Case Presentation with Valence”

Description: Generative AI and LLMs have radically transformed how employees learn, grow, and receive support. Come see firsthand how an AI Leadership Coach can provide always-on, personalized, and actionable guidance for leaders and their teams - in any language or time zone. Valence will also share stories about how future-thinking enterprises like General Mills, Experian, Schneider Electric, and ServiceNow are using AI Coaching to help reinforce training, personalized learning, and drive meaningful change.


Mark Saffran's headshotMark Saffran, MA I-O
Client Design and Deployment Lead



Onsite Rules for Both Partner Showcases & Tech Exploration Demonstrations:

  •   Partners may leave product/service flyers or branded brochures and business cards at the back of the room on a table for pick-up by attendees, and they will remove all marketing materials and business cards at the conclusion of their event.


  •   Partners also may offer a designated place on the table for attendees to voluntarily leave a business card or a sign-up sheet to be contacted.


  •   The partner will not receive a list of the individuals in the room from SIOP.


  •   Partners may not compel those attending their session to sign an attendance list or to share contact information.


  •   Contact between partners and attendees must be voluntary and consensual.


  •   SIOP does not guarantee attendance.


  • Partners may offer a drawing for a prize by providing a standard entry form to be completed by the attendee voluntarily.