Career Center FAQ

2024 SIOP Annual Conference

SIOP Annual Conference Career Center FAQ for Job Seekers and Employers

General Questions


What do I get with my Conference Career Center (CCC) registration?

Job Seekers will receive:

  • Access to positions exclusively posted on the SIOP’s NEW CCC job portal, hosted by YM Careers, as well as the Career Planning Portal featuring a variety of career resources and helpful insights.
  • The opportunity to participate in a practice interview and resumé/CV review through the Mock Interview Program (participants can choose either a practitioner-focused or academia-focused track) - NOTE: Interested participants must register for the Mock Interview Program separately when registering for the conference and it is available on a first-come first-served basis until spots are filled. Be sure to sign-up via the conference registration page before the spots are full.
  • An invitation to an Open House event to interact with a variety of different employers (available to in-person CCC participants).
  • A career-focused conference guide highlighting career-oriented sessions, job search tips, and other career-related advice.
  • Virtual events hosted by the Career Services Committee

Employers will receive:

  • The opportunity to post open positions on SIOP’s NEW CCC job portal, hosted by YM Careers.
  • Exclusive access to resumés of I-O master’s and PhD students and graduates seeking job opportunities.
  • An invitation to an in-person Open House event during the conference to advertise job openings and interact with other I-O employers and job seekers.
  • Virtual events hosted by the Career Services Committee

Are there fees associated with the Conference Career Center (CCC)?

Job Seekers:

  •  Access to the CCC is complimentary with SIOP Annual Conference Registration. Simply opt-in to the CCC when you register for the conference.


  • Access to the CCC is complimentary with SIOP Annual Conference Registration. Simply opt-in to the CCC when you register for the conference.

When does the Conference Career Center open?

Registration for the Conference Career Center can be added anytime during the open period for the annual conference registration. The CCC job portal is expected to open to post jobs, resumés, and conduct searches by January 1.

How will the Conference Career Center (CCC) online job portal work?

Account Creation:

Prior to posting a job or uploading your resume to the CCC job portal, you will first need to create an account. With the roll-out of SIOP’s New career site, this process has changed slightly for both employers and job seekers. A high-level overview of those steps are provided here.


  • Through the conference registration form, you will select/purchase one or more of the job posting registration options.
  • SIOP will issue a confirmation of your purchase(s) and work with the job portal vendor to initiate account creation on your behalf.
  • You will receive notification once your account has been created and you may login in to your account to begin using the job portal features at your disposal (e.g., job posting, resume review).

Job seekers:

  • You will sign-up for the CCC via the annual conference registration page.
  • SIOP will issue a confirmation of your CCC registration, at which point you are free to create your account on the CCC job portal
  • Once your account creation is complete, you may experience a wait time of up to 2 business days for your account to be activated.
  • You will receive notification when your account has been activated, and you may begin using the job portal features at your disposal (e.g., resume upload, apply for jobs).


Job Portal Use:

Employers can post their open positions and job seekers can apply online. Jobs posted on the CCC job portal should include contact information for the person in charge of hiring, as job seekers are encouraged to reach out directly to employers. Employers should set up time for interviews with job seekers they are interested in and those interviews should take place through a channel agreed upon by both parties (e.g., Zoom, phone, in-person at the conference). The CCC job portal has a number of new features and users are encouraged to visit the following webpages for more information.

What is the purpose of the physical location of the Conference Career Center (CCC) at the conference?

There will be designated space at the conference convention center where interviews may be conducted in-person or virtually. This designated area is reserved solely for interviews set up ahead of time and does not serve as an open job fair setting. Employers looking to schedule interview space are encouraged to visit the CCC space/check-in booth at the conference or contact for more information.

Advice for Job Seekers


How do I get my information into the system?

Job seekers can upload documents (e.g., Word, PDF), such as resumés, into the CCC job portal. The portal allows job seekers to upload a resumé, build their own resumé, or import a resumé from LinkedIn. Job seekers may choose to keep their resumé anonymous, which will hide their name and contact information from employers. For more information on this and other resume uploading features, please visit these resumé resources.

As a Job Seeker, do I have to sign up in advance to participate in the Conference Career Center (CCC)?

Yes, once conference registration closes, job seekers will no longer be able to sign up for the CCC. The conference and CCC registration has opened and will remain open through the last day of the annual conference. Job seekers are encouraged to sign-up for the CCC early to take advantage of the job portal features and access to potential opportunities. In addition, space in the Mock Interview program is limited, so not all job seekers may have access to this beneficial service if they sign up late. Provided you do sign up early, we recommend that job seekers do the following:

1. Register for the Conference Career Center early and upload your resumé on the website. Most employers search for candidates prior to the conference. If you want to be noticed, register early! Anonymous job seekers should not post their resumé as their identity will be compromised, and they will instead need to contact employers directly.

2. Conduct a search for jobs on the CCC job portal to see which ones match your qualifications. While employers will contact you if they are interested in conducting an interview, showing initiative and reaching out to employers with job postings that fit your skills will greatly increase your chances of getting noticed. Keep in mind this is a competitive hiring situation. Each job posting should have contact information for a recruiter or hiring manager. Reach out!

I want to reach out to a potential employer, but have no idea what to say. Help!

Let the employer know that you are interested in the position/their organization. Why not go two steps further and indicate: (1) why you are interested in the position, and (2) the specific skills/experiences that you would bring to the position. Indicate that you are interested in setting up an interview with them. Of course, be sure to let them know your email and phone number so that they can easily contact you.  Provide enough information to portray yourself favorably, but save your big “sales pitch” for the interview.

Should I email my resumé to every employer to maximize my chances for an interview?

This approach is not recommended. Instead, stick to the jobs you are genuinely interested in and have relevant skills. Remember that all employers have access to your resumé online.

An employer reached out to me for an interview. Now what?

Respond with times that you are available and clarify the channel through which the interview will be conducted (e.g., Zoom, phone, in-person at the CCC, etc.).

What should I do if I find a job before the conference?

Congratulations on your success! Please access your job portal account to change your status/remove your resumé.

I didn't get an interview during the virtual or in-person conference timeframe. Is it over?

The Conference Career Center job portal stays open through June 30. There is value in continuing the job search following the conference as a lot of searches are still ongoing for both job seekers and employers.

I am a discrete job seeker. I don’t want my current employer to know that I am interviewing. How do I keep them from seeing my resumé on the Conference Career Center?

Uploading your resumé to the CCC job portal is not mandatory. To remain discrete, do not upload a resumé. You will, however, have to be more proactive in your search by contacting employers directly. Your anonymity may also be compromised if you attend the in-person Open House event. However, the space designated for the Open House event and in-person interviews at the conference is purposefully in more discreet locations for this reason.

What is the Mock Interview Program?

The Mock Interview Program is another service offering from SIOP’s Career Services Committee. Interested job seekers must sign up for the program separately from the CCC when registering for the conference. The purpose of the Mock Interview Program is to allow job seekers the opportunity to gain experience interviewing and receiving feedback. Participants will have the option to choose either a practitioner-track or an academia-track mock interview. Experienced SIOP members volunteer to conduct mock interviews with job seekers prior to or during the conference and provide constructive feedback on their interview performance to help them improve their interviewing skills. In addition, there is an option for the mock interviewer to conduct resumé/CV reviews and provide feedback to help the job seeker strengthen their resumé/CV. Space is determined on a first-come, first-serve basis so be sure to sign-up early! The sign-up will close prior to the conference registration deadline.

Advice for Employers


How many job postings can an employer post?

Employers may select one or more of the four job posting purchase options available on the conference registration page. This allows the employer to post as many jobs as is needed. Conference registration will remain open through the last day of the conference, and employers have the ability to register for additional job postings at any point during that open period, now through April 20, 2024.   

As an organization looking to post a job, do I have to sign-up in advance to participate in the Conference Career Center (CCC)?

Yes, once conference registration closes, employers will no longer be able to purchase job postings through the CCC. The conference and CCC registration has opened and will remain open through the last day of the annual conference. However, the CCC job portal will remain open through June 30th.

Where should I conduct interviews?

Interviews can be conducted virtually, over the phone, or in-person at the conference. The CCC will have designated space for in-person and virtual interviews. If both the employer and job seeker will be at the conference in-person, you may choose to conduct the interview in-person. If the interview is conducted virtually, the employer may use the available CCC space, but should bring their own computer and implement the specific service platform (e.g., Zoom, Teams) of their choosing.

What should I do if I fill the position I posted?

Congratulations on your success! Please access your CCC job portal account to deactivate the relevant job postings.

I didn’t fill my requisition at the conference. Is it over?

The CCC job portal will remain open through June 30, 2024. There is a lot of value in continuing the search following the conference, as searches are still ongoing for both seekers and employers.

Have a question? Please contact for general assistance or for technical assistance with the job portal.