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TIP-Topics for Students Planning Your Career While in Graduate School: Tips from Professionals in the Field

Stefanie Gisler (1), Bradley Gray (1), Jenna-Lyn Roman (2), & Ethan Rothstein (1)

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Imagine that you are interviewing for a spot in an I-O graduate program. You have just finished answering questions about your academic background, your research interests, and the faculty members with whom you are interested in working. Now the interviewers ask you to fast forward and let them know what you plan to be doing with your degree, 10 years down the line. How do you even begin to answer that question?

Organizational Neuroscience: Does Your Brain Love Advice? Understanding the Neuroscience Behind Advice Exchange in the Workplace

Xiaoyuan (Susan) Zhu, Society for Human Resource Management

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Imagine this scenario: You are faced with a conflicting work decision with an impending deadline. Normally you would gather more information about each choice and think through each strategy, but you don’t have a lot of time. You go to one of your trusted colleagues to ask for advice or recommendation on which choice you should take. The advice is reasonable, and you made an informed decision in a short period of time. You really appreciate your colleague and your colleague was flattered that you asked her.

Modern App: Digital Megatrends 2018: What They Are, How to Act

Tiffany Poeppelman, LinkedIn, and Evan Sinar, DDI

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Technology trends are continually being monitored and assessed to spot the digital forces that are already upon us and those that are just over the horizon. Although some technologies will first impact us as a consumer, nearly all will eventually find their way into the workplace. A technology trend becomes a business imperative becomes a driving force reshaping the work of leaders and employees. For this issue of the Modern App, we’ve researched eight high-profile technology reports and distilled 95 individual trends to core themes—the digital megatrends—disrupting the modern workplace. Ultimately, we seek to apply an integrative structure to create a broader view of where I-O professionals must soon engage.

Max. Classroom Capacity: My Brain Got Drained! And It Didn’t Take Long…

Loren J. Naidoo, California State University, Northridge

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I just began a new academic position at a business school in Southern California! Last year my wife started her dream academic job nearby, and with three young boys at home, we felt that it was unfair to deprive their lovely grandparents (who also live nearby and, incidentally, are awfully good babysitters) of them. It had nothing to do with the weather. Or the salary increase. Or the beaches. Or the weather—sorry, did I already say that? In all seriousness, I am so excited about the incredible professional opportunity to join a dynamic and congenial group of teachers, researchers, and students at CSUN!

Recognizing Shonna Waters: Distinguished Early Contributions–Practice Award Winner

Liberty J. Munson, and Garett Howardson

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As part of our ongoing series to recognize the achievements of SIOP’s award winners, the last edition or TIP’s Award Winner article focused on several of our Distinguished Contributions Award winners: Eden King, one of the winners of our Distinguished Service Contributions Award, Scott Tannenbaum, Distinguished Professional Contributions Award, and Dov Eden, Distinguished Scientific Contributions. In my haste to send it to press, I overlooked one other Distinguished Contributions Award winner—Shonna Waters. So by way of apology for my oversight, this article is focused solely on her accomplishments, the work that she did to earn this award, and her insights for how you, too, could become one of next year’s Distinguished



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