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New Officers Appointed to the Alliance for Organizational Psychology

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Elections to appoint new officers for the Alliance for Organizational Psychology (AOP) were recently held. Joining the AOP Board for 4-year terms are SIOP Members Gudela Grote (President), Steven Rogelberg (Secretary General), and Mark Poteet (Treasurer), along with Bonnie Cheng (Communications). The new officers will succeed current Officers Franco Fraccaroli, Rosalind Searle, and Donald Truxillo, who respectively serve as president, secretary-general, and treasurer until the 2018 International Congress of Applied Psychology to be held in Montreal, Canada, on June 26-30, 2018. Congratulations to the winners!

SIOP UN Committee: Help us Identify How I-O Psychology Informs the Sustainable Development Goals

Julie Olson-Buchanan, Jenna Van Fossen, Kalaani Young, Kyle Lyman, Samuel Nunez, Zayna Osborne, Sabrina Wilson, and Emily Chavez, California State University, Fresno

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Are you interested in using I-O psychology to make a difference in the world? Do you find SIOP’s work with the United Nations intriguing and are looking for a way to get involved? If so, the SIOP UN team invites you to consider working on a new initiative to identify how the science and practice of I-O psychology can inform work on the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The 17 United Nations SDGs are a “universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity” (United Nations Development Programme, n.d.) and includes such goals as eradicating poverty and hunger and ensuring health/well-being and quality education, among others.

SIOP Awards Opening Soon!

Cindy McCauley, Chair Awards Committee

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The call for nominations for SIOP and SIOP Foundation awards, scholarships, and research grants opens at the annual conference. Don’t miss this opportunity to submit your research project for an award or grant, apply for scholarship funding to help with the expense of carrying out your dissertation research, or nominate a deserving colleague for one of SIOP’s Distinguished Awards!

Below is a list of the available awards, scholarships, research grants, and the Joyce and Thayer fellowship. For detailed information on the criteria and documentation required, and to submit your nomination or application please click here.

Foundation Spotlight: Are There Too Many Awards?

Milton D. Hakel, PhD

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What is the best number of awards for SIOP to present? 

It seems like a simple question.  How many are there?  Would you believe 21?

Ok, here’s the list: The Dunnette Prize leads off, because it is the biggest ($50,000) and has just been presented for the second time, this year to Thomas Bouchard, and in 2015 to Frank Schmidt.

Introducing SIOP’s Committee for the Advancement of Professional Ethics (CAPE)

Deirdre Knapp and Joel Lefkowitz

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In April 2017, SIOP’s executive board approved formation of a Committee for the Advancement of Professional Ethics (CAPE).   In addition to Deirdre Knapp as Chair, the initial committee members—representing practice, research and/or academic areas--are Joe Allen, George Banks, James Grand, Paul Green, Amy Grubb, and Joel Lefkowitz. Rodney Lowman is involved in an advisory capacity, but his primary role will be serving on the recently announced APA Ethics Code Revision Task Force (ECTF).



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