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SIOP 2018 Chicago: 33rd Annual Conference: April 19-21, 2018 (Preconference Workshops April 18, 2018)

Tracy Kantrowitz, Program Chair, SIOP 2018, CEB Gartner

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SIOP 2018 will feature the “Team SIOP” theme by highlighting collaboration, demonstrating impact through partnerships, and featuring multidisciplinary approaches to advance our science and practice, with several new features and an outstanding lineup of team-focused sessions! Planning for this 33rd Annual Conference in Chicago is well underway, so consider this your official notice to mark your calendars. Don’t miss this chance to join the “team”!

Foundation Spotlight: Creative Imaginings

Milton D. Hakel, PhD

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In the October issue of TIP, I wrote that one sure way to improve applied psychological science is to contribute your time, talent, and treasure to the SIOP Foundation.  Now I invite you to tell us about your dreams, your creative imaginings for our field of applied organizational science. 


I-O psychology has grown steadily over the past 5 decades.  It continues growing, yet it has lost none of its vast potential for advancing human welfare.  We are putting creativity into our work.  Day in and day out we “give at the office.”

Members in the Media

Barbara Ruland, SIOP Administrative Office

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SIOP members continue to make news with their scientific developments and lead the way with their informed application of I-O psychology to real world business challenges. 

This column is a quarterly round-up of SIOP members’ media mentions. Use it to keep up with your colleagues, to look for project collaborators, and to spark ideas for research or programs.

Although we scan the media regularly, we don’t catch everything, so we urge you to send in your media notices for sharing on SIOP social media and in this column. Here are mentions we found from August to early November.

Hiring POTUS: Examining the 2016 Presidential Election Through the Lens of I-O Psychology

Mahtab Farid, Hofstra University; & Kevin P. Nolan, Hofstra University

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Those elected president of the United States (POTUS) assume a position so important they become one of the most powerful people in the world (Ewalt, 2016). It is, therefore, hard to overstate the importance of selecting the right person for the job. As such, presidential elections are extensively studied to better understand voter behavior. These studies are primarily conducted by political scientists, journalists, and pollsters. However, as I-O psychologists, we view the process of electing POTUS as a special case of employee selection. By incorporating principles of employee selection into the study of voter tendencies, this research provides a unique examination of the 2016 presidential election through the lens of I-O psychology.

New Directions in Diversity and Inclusion: A Dialogue on What Truly Works

Gabriela Burlacu, SAP SuccessFactors; Bernardo M. Ferdman,Ferdman Consulting; Aarti Shyamsunder, Psymantics Consulting; Alice Eagly, Northwestern University; Lisa Kepinski, Inclusion Institute; & Julie S. Nugent, Catalyst Research Center

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Diversity and inclusion are among the most popular topics driving SIOP submissions and research over the last decade (SIOP, 2016). Although this field has been the focus of sustained work by many I-O psychologists, inspiring at least two volumes in SIOP’s Professional Practice Series (Ferdman & Deane, 2014; Jackson and Associates, 1992), some basic questions in this area remain controversial, and worse, unaddressed. At SIOP’s 2017 annual conference in Orlando, a panel of experts discussed some of these questions in the context of what is “innovative” and “new” in the field of diversity, with the goal of distinguishing organizational practices that may be fads from more substantive, effective approaches to fostering diversity and inclusion (Shyamsunder, Burlacu, Eagly, Ferdman, & Nugent, 2017).



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