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Nominate a Colleague for the New APA Applied Psychology Committee

One of the best ways in increase the visibility of I-O psychology within the American Psychological Association (APA) and beyond is to be active in their elections and nominations process. The APA has several ongoing elections and nominations processes where Division 14 involvement is crucial to ensuring I-O psychology professionals have a collective voice in the conversation.

The APA has released the Call for Nominations for the newly established Committee for the Advancement of General Applied Psychology, a governance committee aimed at increasing the influence of applied psychology among APA membership. Anyone can be nominated for this committee, even if they are not an APA member. However, if someone is nominated, they must apply to be an APA member. Self-nominations are welcome! Submit your nomination before the deadline on May 1.

Additionally, the APA is also seeking nominations for the Board of Directors. The desired qualifications for nominees are expertise in basic psychological science; industrial and organizational psychology; and management in a large non-profit, government, business, industry, or professional organizations. Think of a well-deserving colleague and submit your nomination ASAP – the deadline is April 21!

Also, SIOP members who are APA voting members should watch their inboxes for a message from the APA on the APA Council of Representatives election for Division 14. This election was originally scheduled to begin on April 17, but has been postponed to May 8.

Consider taking just a few moments of your time over the next few days and weeks to participate in these elections. While it might seem small, participating in these opportunities can make a huge difference for I-O psychology within the APA and beyond.

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