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Jenny Baker
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Membership Milestones

Jayne Tegge, Volunteer and Member Services Manager

Please welcome the following new professional members!

Amy Aadland

Courtney Baker

Werner Barkhuizen

Jorge Barraza

Lynn Beer

Amber Benusa

David Binder

David Bischof

Michael Bixter

Meha Bola

Lisa Brady

Reed Bramble

Amy Bray

Hendrik Bronkhorst

Amy Brown

Dorian Campbell

Jenna Carey

Samantha Church

Brian Cicero

Lydia Craig

Kyle Emich

Britta Eriksen

Jose Espinoza

Jenny Fawbush

Tara Floyd

Leah Frazier

Natalie French

Ariane Froidevaux

Tomer Gottlieb

Candida Greco

Jie Guo

Izz Aldin Hamdan

Palina Hariton

Ryan Horn

Carole Ingram

Chetna Jaiswal

Remy Jennings

Jessica Johnston-Fisher

Shannon Kelly

Ashley Kittel

Nathaniel Klimek

Stella Korosi

Dominique Kost

Dianna Krueger

Stacey Levine

Yuliana Lopez

Gabriela Lopez

Ashlyn Lowe

Natalya Martinez

Michelle McCartney

Jordan McDonald

Steven Mellor

Cyrus Mirza

Vanessa Moore

Kenneth Murphy

Sashna Nair

Adyl Nashef

Lisa Nickell

Robert Olds

Rachel Omansky

Akshaya Parthasarathi

Fiona Patterson

Sarah Paulson

Megan Paxton

Alyssa Perez

Lucius Pham

Rachael Phillips

Lisa Plant

Shannon Rawski

Lynne Richer

Joel Rodríguez-Polo

Michael Rotch

Mitja Ruzojcic

Iain Smith

Junhong Song

William Spring

Cassandra Stiltz

Anastasia Stuart-Edwards

Manasia Sturdivant

Erica Sutherland

Andrea Thompson

Yilei Wang

Shelby Williams

Durel Williams

Martina Young































My SIOP membership is a game-changer for our career management practice, offering access to a deep arsenal of tools and contacts in support of our mission to build and mobilize evidence-based programs that inspire candidates to thrive in the world of work.

Margi Williams


Sterling Circle members are easy to find at the conference. Just look for the purple and silver ribbons. We welcome these new members to the 25 years of SIOP club!

Annie Adams

Lynn Collins

Simon Moon

Mary Ann Hanson


SIOP is the best way to stay connected to the I-O community, no matter where you go after your degree. I’ll probably always be a member!

Katye Griswold




And a round of applause for these individuals who upgraded to full membership from Associate status.

Tonya Baker

Bethany Dohleman

Jami Firek

Noelle Frantz

Sachin Jain

Stephen King

Nchopia Nwokoma

I cannot thank you enough for helping me connect with other SIOP members. I appreciate the emails and find them a helpful resource pushing me towards inspiring topics of interest.

I am thrilled that through SIOP I have met a couple of exceptional practitioners who are invitingly unpretentious. Learning about connecting within the field and navigation tips for my career is the best thing about my student membership. I can see this improving as my education and career advances.

Dante Saelios


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