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WIN Committee Accepting Applications for Family Care Grant

Applications will be accepted until February 3, 2023

I-O professionals with children or those who provide care for parents or other family members often face serious hurdles when trying to attend a conference. Although companies and universities allow leave for conferences and may even cover some or all the expenses, there are few options for covering the caregiving that must be maintained while out of town. To help alleviate this additional stress, the SIOP Women’s Inclusion Network (WIN) offers a solution for some SIOP members.

Family Care Grant
The SIOP Family Care Grant provides $500 awards for up to 20 members who require caregiving support to facilitate their attendance at the 2023 SIOP Annual Conference in Boston. This option allows members to use a lump sum of money for care as they see fit.

The family care grant expands support options to help attendees meet the financial burdens of caregiving either for themselves or for their dependents. This allows attendees to make decisions based on their unique needs, such as bringing a caregiver along or funding caregiving for a dependent at home. In summary, this is the most flexible option with the possibility of supporting various types of caregiving needs that may currently preclude members from attending the conference.

In order to be eligible to receive funds, applicants must

  • be a current SIOP member
  • be a caregiver, defined as a person providing care to another person who requires care (e.g., children, elders, persons with disabilities) or a person who requires caregiving support at the conference (e.g., members with disabilities)
  • be the only caregiver in the family applying for the grant funds
  • report facing some financial difficulty attending the conference due to financial caregiving needs
  • plan to travel to the 2023 SIOP Annual Conference in Boston.

Apply online. Grant recipients will be announced no later than February 28, 2023.

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