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2022 Q2 Top 10 Work Trend Round-Ups From Trend Champions

Since the announcement of the 2022 Top 10 Work Trends in January, Trend Champions have been monitoring developments, first sharing an update in April. Building on the Q1 Round-Ups, Trend Champions have curated several highlights for Q2.

Observations include a constructive discussion about findings of business cases in Trend 2, recommendations about to commute or not to commute in Trend 3, and a practical retention tool, a potential talent pool, and an interesting pilot study in Trend 4.

You can access these highlights, as well as the links to get to know and connect with our Trend Champions, through the links below:

  • Trend #1: Employee Engagement and Organizational Commitment of Remote Workers – Lewis Garrad
  • Trend #2: Ensuring Inclusive Environments and Cultures – Ludmila Praslova
  • Trend #3: Managing the Transition Into Post-Pandemic Work – William Luse
  • Trend #4: Talent Attraction and Retention in a Candidate-Driven Market – Tony Cooley
  • Trend #5: Caring for Employee Well-Being – Maryana Arvan
  • Trend #6: The Great Resignation – Ellen Peeters
  • Trend #7: Stress and Burnout – Michele Gazica
  • Trend #8: Creating Effective Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Interventions – Sertrice Grice
  • Trend #9: Employer’s Role in Employees’ Mental Health – Keaton Fletcher
  • Trend #10: Enabling Organizational Culture in a Changing Workplace Environment – Heidi Glickman

Be sure to look for the 2022 Q3 Work Trend Round-Ups at the end of September.

If you are featured in the media, using your I-O psychology expertise to conduct research related to these Top 10 Work Trends, or are applying your scientific knowledge to help organizations address these Top 10 Work Trends, reach out to our Visibility - Media Subcommittee Representative Ellen Peeters to share. We would like to feature your impactful contributions in our next Quarterly Round-Up!

2022 Top 10 Work Trends Background
At the end of 2021, SIOP members identified a list of the expected and predicted 2022 Top 10 Work Trends. The identified trends ranged from multifaced and complex to more focused. Some of their origins come from the distress of a global pandemic and critical social issues in 2020. The trends were announced in January. In February, we introduced the Trend Champions, selected to monitor the latest developments in research and practice on each of these trends throughout the year. Q1 Round-Ups were shared in April. Several of the Top 10 Work Trends were also discussed at the 2022 SIOP Annual Conference.

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