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Only a Few Hours Left to Submit a Conference Proposal

The SIOP 2021 Annual Conference proposal deadline is mere hours away – 5 p.m. EDT – do you have everything uploaded?

Below are some important last-minute tips to make your submission process run as smoothly as possible:

  1. Submission Format Question - NEW THIS YEAR – You will be asked to indicate which of the below 3 formats are currently feasible for you and your co-presenters. NOTE – we are NOT asking for a firm commitment that you will be able to present in each particular format. Notifications of session acceptance will be communicated by early January, and submitters will be asked at that time to indicate more up-to-date information regarding session format feasibility. 
    1. In-Person Live – The majority of presenters are currently open to presenting in person in New Orleans April 15-17.
    2. Virtual Live – All presenters are open to presenting fully virtually to a live audience (e.g., via Zoom at an assigned day/time April 15-17).
    3. Virtual Asynchronous – All presenters are able to either pre-record or upload detailed documents for your session.
  2. SYMPOSIUM Paper Titles/Authors Field – If you are submitting a session with multiple papers (e.g., a symposium session), note that there is a new field (Paper Titles/Authors) that you must complete listing your paper titles and authors. Click here for more details regarding the format for this field.
  3. Person submitting session MUST be a current SIOP member – Session submitter must be a current SIOP member with dues paid to submit to the conference.
  4. ALL session contributors (even 2nd, 3rd, etc. authors on papers) MUST have a SIOP profile – All session contributors need to have a SIOP profile for their names to be added to the session. NOTE – they do NOT have to be SIOP members but must have created their own SIOP account for data privacy purposes. You can direct them here to take a minute to create their account.
  5. Contributor roles – During submission, you must first add ALL contributors to your session (including 2nd, 3rd, etc. authors) then designate what role each of the people in your session will play. Below are the 4 available roles and their descriptions:
    1. Chair/Co-Chair – Chair/co-chairs can be on all types of submission except posters. 
    2. Presenter/Panelist - This role is for individual who will be presenting during the session (e.g., paper presenters, panelists, moderators). NOTE – there should only be one presenter designated for posters (typically the first author).
    3. Discussant - Discussants are individuals, typically within symposium sessions, who serve to discuss and elaborate upon the findings presented.
    4. Non-Presenting Contributor – Individuals who are NOT required to be present during a session (typically 2nd, 3rd, etc. authors on papers or posters). 
  6. Submission Site Walkthrough – When submitting your session it can help to follow along with the submission site walkthrough document, linked here, for a step-by-step explanation of the submission process.
  7. Please sign up to be a reviewer for the conference. It takes as many people to review as we have conference submissions, so we truly need your help to make this conference happen.   

If you have additional questions regarding your submission or the conference in general, please visit our FAQs for more information. To offer feedback or ask a question not answered in the FAQ, please email us at siop@siop.org.

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