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Jayne Tegge

SIOP has always positively contributed to my career, although the nature of that contribution has changed over the years.   When I initially joined, SIOP helped me learn about all the different aspects of I-O psychology.  It also gave me a chance to meet major players in the field even though I was very early in my career.  During graduate school SIOP was the single best place to exchange ideas, test out theories, and actively engage with people who constructively challenged my thinking and development as an I-O psychologist.  Upon graduating SIOP provided a great source of networking to explore career opportunities.  Most of all, SIOP has enabled me to keep connected with the research side of our field even though I work as a practitioner. SIOP’s focus on objectivity and evidence makes it stand out from many other professional associations. The content and insights I get from participating in SIOP is typically far more well-developed and rigorously tested than what one finds in most other professional associations in my field. Every year I learn useful things from SIOP that I doubt I would find anywhere else.

Steven T. Hunt
Technology & Work, SAP Innovation Office

Please congratulate newest pathway to member upgrade member: Tanya Goodman


Please welcome our new professional members.

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Hannah Markell-Goldstein

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Jaclyn Martin

Sebastiano Massaro

Austin McClelland

Josh McKenna

Rosezina Meadows

Shay Meinzer

Holly Mercer

Miriam Michael

Melissa Minardo

Yumiko Mochinushi

Sylvia Mol

Caleb Montgomery

Madison Moore

Kimberly Morse

Jimmy Mundell

Heather Myers

Rebecca Natale

Caleb Navarre

Christina Norton

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Jeffrey Olenick

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Margery Sendze

Oren Shewach

Daniel Shore

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Tyrone Smith

Adam Smith

Vivian Stark

Melissa Steach

Zehra Surani

Kazuhiro Suzue

Anton Sytine

Greg Turner

Jake Vassello

Jasmine Vergauwe

Julianna Walsh

Cranla Warren

Yuha Yang

Irene Zinnel


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