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SIOP Organizational Frontiers Series Report—August 2020

Kevin Murphy and Angelo DeNisi

The SIOP Organizational Frontiers Series continues to provide interesting volumes that attempt to move the scholarship in I-O in new directions. This is a list of the volumes that are in varying stages of processing right now. 

The following volumes were developed under the editorship of Rich Klimoski; the first three should be available soon:

  • Senior Leadership and the Agile OrganizationStephen Zaccaro
  • Social Networks at Work—Daniel Brass and Stephen Borgatti   
  • Psychology of Entrepreneurship—Michael Gielnik, Melissa Cardon, and Michael Frese
  • Understanding Trust in Organizations: A Multilevel Approach—Nicole Gillespie, Ashley Fulmer, and Roy Lewicki

The four new volumes have been developed under our editorship, are under contract, and are being written:

  • Neurodiversity in the Workplace—Susanne Bruyere
  • Data, Methods and Theory in the Organizational Sciences—Kevin Murphy
  • Age and Work: Advances in Theory, Methods, and Practice—Hannes Zacher and Curt Rudolph
  • Expatriates and Managing Global Mobility—Soo Min Toh and Angelo DeNisi

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