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What Are You Hearing? Share Workplace Trends in Top 10 Survey

What workplace trends do you think will be most important for the coming year? The Visibility Committee needs SIOP members’ help identifying the 2020 trends for the  seventh annual “Top 10 Workplace Trends” list. 

SIOP has been creating the trends lists since 2014, and you can review previous lists here. This outreach effort has been well-received and covered in a variety of media outlets.

Take a few moments to think about the topics your colleagues, clients, and peers are concerned about, as well as those occupying your attention, going into the last quarter of 2019. Then find the survey invitation in your email in box and add your trend ideas to the list before the survey closes on November 5, 2019.  

The Visibility Committee will compile the results of this survey and ask members to help create the final list of Top 10 Workplace Trend for 2020 in November. The list will be distributed to the media in early January and used to create opportunities to publicize the work of I-O psychologists throughout the year.

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