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Membership Milestones

Jayne Tegge, Stephany Below, and Clif Boutelle

Membership Milestones is devoted to welcoming the newest SIOP members and recognizing long-time members. Each column will list the professional SIOP members who have joined the Society since the previous issue as well as recognize members who have recently upgraded their membership. We will also recognize the newest additions to SIOP’s Sterling Circle. Click the links below to go directly to a list or continue reading to learn more about the new SIOP Sterling Circle!

New Sterling Circle Members             New SIOP Members/Upgrading Members 

SIOP Initiates Sterling Circle to Recognize Long-Time Members

http://0-www-siop-org.library.alliant.edu/sterlingcircle/banner.jpgMembers are the heart and soul of SIOP and are greatly appreciated for their interest and contributions. Many members—nearly 800—have been with the Society for 25 years or more. To recognize the contributions and loyalty of these dedicated members, SIOP has developed a new initiative called the Sterling Circle. Sterling Circle members will be honored in several ways and can be identified at SIOP events with a special ribbon on their badges. Learn more about the Sterling Circle here!  

Following is a list of SIOP’s newest Sterling Circle Members*:

H. Ted Ballard
Winston Bennett
Rabi Bhagat
Steven Billings
Jeanne Brett
James Caplan
Gabriel Cirino-Gerena
Marnie Crawford

Miriam Erez
Martin Evans
Jeffrey Facteau
Martin Greller
Sigrid Gustafson
Theodore Hayes
James Herndon
Sylvia Joure

Bruce Moore
Kevin Nilan
Caroline Pike
Christopher Rotolo
Gerry Stern
Thomas Tyler


Sterling Circle Speaks

http://0-www-siop-org.library.alliant.edu/userfiles/image/TIP/April17/Leslie_Joyce.jpgLeslie Joyce, EVP and Chief People Officer, Exide Technologies

Membership in SIOP has been the cornerstone of my career.  It has served as my academic touchstone and my primary professional network.  The annual meeting is an opportunity to dive deep in to the topics that matter to me and to touch base with colleagues I only see once in a while.  As a young practitioner it is where I got the assignments that kicked off a terrific career (Thanks to Lance Seberhegen and Pat Hauenstein!).  As my career progressed, I got to hire some outstanding interns who have turned into great practitioners (Joanne McInnerney, Rob Edwards among others) and made life-long friends like Paul Thayer.  SIOP has served as the foundation of a very rewarding career and I appreciate that.

http://0-www-siop-org.library.alliant.edu/userfiles/image/TIP/April17/carolinePike.jpgCaroline L. Pike, PhD, Organizational Psychologist

 I was encouraged to join SIOP as a graduate student member in 1988--since then, I have worked as a researcher, consultant/practitioner, and executive/administrator in different types of industries and organizations.  SIOP has been an integral part of my career journey.  I appreciate that SIOP provides links to relevant research and other professional resources, and serves as a compass for professional/ethical issues and standards of practice.  The opportunity to interact with like-minded people who "speak my language" at conferences and events is very rewarding.  Most importantly, though, I am personally inspired by the accomplished, dedicated, and fun-loving people who are generally willing to help and support their colleagues, and I appreciate the deep friendships that have grown out of professional collaborations over the years.  

http://0-www-siop-org.library.alliant.edu/userfiles/image/TIP/April17/AamodtMike.jpgMike Aamodt, Principal Consultant, DCI Consulting Group, Inc.

I have been a SIOP member for over 30 years and my career has been greatly enhanced by the knowledge shared by my SIOP colleagues.  Perhaps my favorite thing about SIOP is attending the annual conference where I am quickly reminded how many damn smart people there are in our field. Just when you think you have hit a point in your career where you “have arrived”, you run into a doctoral student using statistical terms you never heard of, a masters-level practitioner applying I-O psychology in ways you never imagined, or a professor elegantly explaining a theory that you have mangled for years. No wonder the conference has so many happy hours.




http://0-www-siop-org.library.alliant.edu/userfiles/image/TIP/April17/Stone%20Nancy.jpgNancy Stone,Professor, Missouri University of Science & Technology

My SIOP membership has allowed me to remain informed about best practices for teaching I-O psychology, to develop networks that have led to long-term friendships, and to benefit from the wonderful support of my I-O colleagues.  As one who spent many of my academic years teaching in an undergraduate program, I found the teaching networks helpful.  In addition, my SIOP membership was critical in staying informed about current issues outside my own research areas and getting involved with SIOP committees.  In turn, these valuable resources assisted in developing a master’s program in I-O.  Given the dynamic nature of our work, these resources are invaluable.  I continue to meet new people and receive input and guidance from my SIOP colleagues.  Finally, SIOP now allows me to give back and help develop the next generation of I-O psychologists by serving as an Ambassador at the annual SIOP conference.


























New Members 

The life blood of any organization lies in attracting new members who bring a special enthusiasm and interest. Membership in SIOP is growing, and we take great pleasure in welcoming our newest members. They comprise a wonderful mix of former Student Affiliates upgrading to full membership and professionals, including those who previously were Associate members and International Affiliates. SIOP looks forward to these new members’ participation on committees and conferences as they experience the value of membership in the premier organization for industrial and organizational psychologists.

Following is a list of SIOP’s newest members*:

Nataliya Adelson
Reece Akhtar
Tanya Andrews
Nikita Arun
Bill Baetz
Lauren Barbato
Jeremy Bernerth
Loren Boykoff
Katie Brandt
Michelle Brookens
Eric Brouillette
Rebecca Buckner
Kristin Buechel
Gary Burkholder
Jonathan Burlison
John Capman
Alison Carr
Jenna Case-Lee
Richard Chambers
Xinxuan Che
Vinnie Chi
Jaime Colon-Basora
Kellie Conn
Sean Crawford
Elizabeth Crider
Elizabeth Culhane
Marie De Beer
LeAnn DeHoff
Courtney Deyulio
Toni Dilley
Nicole Dillner
Megan Dudley
Tori Ellis
Grace Endres
Ray Enge
Pat Engelhardt
Fernando Florez
Christina Foster
Sarah Freed
Rebecca Frizzell

Jennifer Garrow
Eric Garvey
Brett Gatesman
Scott Gebhardt
Matthew Glueckert
Aurélie Graz
Jessica Haig
Greg Hammond
Mary Margaret Harris
Pam Haws
Ryan Heinl
Hannah Helfrich
Charles Hill
Jodi Himelright
Hung Hoang
Camille Holt
Morgan Hopkins
Jialin Huang
Whitney Huskey
Sarah Iman
Cassondra Inosencio
Artyom Ivakh
Tim Jackson
Suzanne Jafferian
Veronica Jenssen
Elizabeth Johnston
Sneh Kadakia
Abhinaya Kattuputhur Rangarajan
Samuel Kennedy
Kaitlin Kiburz
Breanne Kindel
Courtney King
David Koch
Michal Kosinski
Megan Krueger
John LaBianca
Traci Lamb
Regan Last
Amy Lavoie
Christine Lawrence

Lindsey Lee
Anurakthi Levesque
Liwen Liu
Ella Lombardic
Charla Long
Kendra Lyons
Tiffany Malloy
John Mattscheck
Anna McFadden
Shane McFeely
Bridget McHugh
Kelly McIntyre
Derek McMullen
Theresa McNelly
Beth Melillo
Ines Meyer
Michael Millard
Matthew Milunski
Mark Mincy
Robert Minjock
Todd Murphy
Steve Neumann
Jenna Neyman
Daniel Neyman
Laura Olean
Guven Ordun
Leah Palmer
Johnny Parker
William Pasmore
Ted Paterson
Vera Payne
Jessica Payne
Cherie Pellebon
Rebecca Pepper
Todd Pfenninger
Chrystal Pitts
Steven Ramirez
Angela Reaves-Harari
Andrew Ritcheson
Emalynn Robinson

Ileana Roiz-Felipe
Susan Rosengarten
Adriane Sanders
Mary Sandin
Amanda Saurin
Lee Schatsiek
Sandra Schneider
Jerry Seibert
Adam Shoemaker
Buan Sim
Carolyn Sklar
Perla Slutzky
Jae Song
Kelly Sorensen
Emily Spicer
Jessica Stahl
Alina Stamate
Elizabeth Steinhauser
Katelyn Stiller
Catherine St-Sauveur
Tieranee Sturdivant
Mary Margaret Sudduth
Amanda Suppanich
Sarah Sweitzer
Chi Man Tang
Rachel Tenenbaum
Omar Tezel
Jared Todisco
John Turner
Dina Van Dijk
Carine Van Enoo
Peter Vlerick
Melissa Warner
Meghan Watkins
Jennifer Weinberg
Dianne Weinstein
Ben Wigert
Katherine Williamson
Elliot Wood
Maira Wright
Xiangfan Wu


 New “Associate Path to Membership” Members**

Sara Henrysson Eidvall
Jerry Seibert
Emily Spicer


*List compiled from December 1, 2016 to Feb. 28, 2017

**List compiled from December 1, 2016 to Feb. 28, 2017

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