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Awareness of I-O psychology has been on the rise thanks to articles written and featuring our SIOP members. These are member media mentions found from September 1 through December 1, 2018.                            

We scan the media on a regular basis but sometimes articles fall through our net. If we’ve missed your or a colleague’s media mention, please send them to us! We push them on our social media and share them in this column, which you can use to find potential collaborators, spark ideas for research, and keep up with your fellow I-O practitioners.

Gender & Diversity Issues

Madeline Heilman shows the differences men and women face when helping out in the workplace.

Popular Press Topics

The Myers-Briggs Personality Test is a fad that won’t die says Adam Grant.

Muriel Clauson counts the five ways to prepare for tomorrow’s workplace.

Mahima Saxena shares her thoughts on what fields are expected to grow the most in Illinois’s economy.

Adam Grant gives 5 ways to bring ideas to life in modern workplaces.

Most entrepreneurs tell lies when they think the falsehoods will do no harm, Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic believes.

Kristin Saboe shares her perspective of what female veterans can contribute to the workplace.

Elliot Lasson discusses social media on Your Money & Business.

Kristin Saboe and Talya Bauer discuss SIOP’s new task force to support military families.

Sarah Fallaw examines millionaire’s behaviors and lifestyles.

Employee Management, Motivation, and Turnover

In order for employees to improve their productivity, they must recognize that they are underproductive says Robert Hogan.

Christine Allen says its beneficial to share your triumphs with a personal “cheerleader.”

Curveball questions in job interviews tend to lack the perspective of the applicant and do not appreciate the potentially abusive nature of these questions says Scott Highhouse.

Nicolas Roulin says having inaccurate views of job interviews can lead job seekers to miss opportunities to impress hiring managers.

Changing the organizational mindset around performance management is more important says Steven Hunt.

Ted Kinney shares tips on how companies can combat high turnover and shrinking candidate pools.

Adam Grant names behaviors that can transform the workplace during the holiday season.

Employee Burnout, Work–Life Balance

Katina Sawyer and Christian Thoroughgood explore how companies make it harder for LGBT employees to achieve work–life balance.

Paul Baard shares tips to keep your cool at work.

Many people think they’re burned out when they are just completely exhausted says Michael Leiter.

Sy Islam explains how to manage end of the year stress in the workplace.

Sarah Fallaw shares tips on reaching economic freedom without having to win the lottery.

Paul Baard discusses the cost of rudeness.

Leadership, Management, and Organizational Culture

Stephen Young shares best practices for confronting problem people on your team.

Ben Dattner and Elizabeth Wood discuss what to do when coaching finds that an executive isn’t in the right role.

Stephen Young and Cindy McCauley believe human input, combined with digital data, can help leaders transform their work and their lives.

Isaac Sabat discusses how to know when and how to support marginalized people at work.

Laura McNall, Tara Behrend, and Dave Tomzcak discuss how employers are using workplace surveillance devices.

 Steve Kozlowski discusses his work with teams, in outer space.

The first sign that your mentorship program may not be working, says Sy Islam, may be verbal feedback.

Michael Woodward believes it’s important to get your leaders right and connect with your people.

Joseph Allen discusses how to make work meetings more effective.

Elliot Lasson shares questions interviewers shouldn’t ask.

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