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Membership Milestones

Jayne Tegge

Members are the heart and soul of SIOP and are greatly appreciated for their interest and contributions. An impressive list of distinguished members has been with the Society for 25 years or more. To recognize the contributions and loyalty of these dedicated members, SIOP has developed an initiative called the Sterling Circle. Sterling Circle members are honored in several ways and can be identified at SIOP events with a special ribbon on their badges. Learn more about the Sterling Circle here.

New Sterling Circle Members

Rebecca Bennett

Reagan Brown

Stephane Brutus

David Dorsey

Michele Jayne


Robert Kaiser

Hennie Kriek

Jonathan Levine

Jennifer Martineau


William McConochie

Denise Rousseau

Christopher Sloan

D. Brent Smith







The life blood of any organization lies in attracting new members who bring a special enthusiasm and interest. Membership in SIOP is growing, and we take great pleasure in welcoming our newest members. They comprise a wonderful mix of former Student Affiliates upgrading to full membership and professionals, including those who previously were Associate members and International Affiliates. SIOP looks forward to these new members’ participation on committees and conferences as they experience the value of membership in the premier organization for industrial and organizational psychologists.

New Professional Members

Dustin Abbott

Abdifatah Ali

Amanda Amaral

Antonio Aranda

Michael Armstrong

Chad Astmann

Ashley Bamberg

Andrew Barsa

Janice Beatty

Nadine Bienefeld

Uta Bindl

Leslie Bisognani

Edward Bitzer

Lauren Borden

Marcus Bost Jr.

Cameron Brown

Jonathan Bryson

Ruby Burdiez

Darren Bush

Francoise Cadigan

Michael Camburn

Scott Campanario

Michael Campion

Emily Campion

Bryan Card

Chris Cartwright

Maria Cespedes

Louis Chin

Nicole Christy

Ashley Chung

VR Cisco

Heather Clarke

David Colarossi

Lisa Conner

James Coughlin

Joseph Coyne

Matthew Crayne

Tania D'Alba

Shanna Daniels

Naveen Dass

John Cameron Davis

Francois de Kock

Mitch Dickey

Carolyn Dienhart

Jennifer Dimoff

Marsha Donaldson

Myanna Duncan

Karyn Edwards

Greg Emmerth

Robin Ewers

Danielle Falvella

Agnes Flett

Rose Fonseca

Joseph Foran

Leif Ford

Nancy Foster


Joshua Fuller

Stephen Gage

Maria Gallego-Pace

Janice Gassam

Mark Gill

Kris Girrell

Frank Goeddeke

Zen Goh

Yaping Gong

Erik Gonzalez-Mule

Terry Gregory

Bryna Gutner-Pelsinger

Brad Hatton

Demetria Henderson

Alexandra Henderson

Mark Hiatt

Kirk Hines

Scott Hines

Daniela Hreniuc

Sarah Huffman

Nadia Ismail

Michelle Jackson

Asna Jefferies

Hana Johnson

Celeste Linguere Johnston

Elizabeth Kampf

Binna Kandola

Anna Keil

Josh Keller

Christopher Kelley

Amy Kerulis

Katayoon Khosravi

Jessica Kinde

Jaclyn Koopmann

Abigail Kost

William Kramer

Haley Kuschman

Houston Lester

Chang-qin Lu

Lynn Lukins

Elizabeth Lust

Courtney Lyding

Lynsey Mahmood

Alissa Manolescu

Brittany Marcus-Blank

Shannon Marlow

Ninette Martin

Daniel Materna

Thomas May

Lisa McCallister

Ryan McCrea

Maureen McCusker

Michele Medina

Rachel Meredith

Brian Montgomery

Cheryl Moore


Kirsten Mosier

Salih Mujcic

Kasey Murphy

Athar Naseer

Megan Naude

Michael Novis

Steven Nydick

Brooke Owen

Ruchi Patel

Rebecca Patrick

Ozlem Peevey

Matthew Pita

Bob Pulvermacher

Rashimah Rajah

Cheree Ramon

Ashley Ray

Charlotte Redhead

Brandon Riggs

Renee Roman

Sophie Romay

Stephen Salaka

Kristen Sanders

Reetu Sandhu

Gina Seaton

Melissa Sharpe

Prakriti Singh

Laurie Slifka

George Smirnoff

David Smith

Chuchai Smithikrai

Taylor Stokes

Naomi Stutzman

Janice Super

Bailey Taylor

Keri-Ann Telesford

Kimberly Tigner

Alan Tomassetti

Eileen Toomey

Leanne Tortez

Steven Travers

Faith Vann

Laura Venz

Ashley Vest

Michael Vodianoi

Chun-Hsiao Wang

Yi Wang

Kaitlyn Warter

Susan Way

Sari Wilde

Myia Williams

Leah Wolfeld

Robert Wooderson

Junfeng Wu

Michael Yoder

Erik Zito

Angela Zook

























And special congratulations to
these dedicated members who
upgraded from Associate Member!

Johanna Seppalainen

Trevor Shylock



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