I-O Product and Services Guide


The SIOP I-O Product & Services Guide

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You have the products and services that I-O psychologists seek...

and/or you seek to employ I-O psychologists. . .

SIOP has the ability to reach them!


Gain a year-long presence with the SIOP audience, attract I-O psychologists to your organization, and meet the needs of those sourcing I-O products and services by advertising in this new guide.

  • All ads are in color.
  • All ads are allowed one web link per ad page.
  • All ads are published in the guide for 12 months from the ad’s start date.
  • Advertisers have one opportunity during those 12 months to refresh the ad at no charge. 
  • The downloadable PDF guide will be posted on the SIOP website, updated as ads are purchased or updated, and actively promoted.
  • Advertisers will be listed in alpha order up front with their ad’s page number as well as indexed by industry keywords.
  • Since its launch on January 4, 2021, the guide has been downloaded more than 330 times (2/16/2021).


I-O GUIDE ORDER FORM --download, sign, save and send back to srogers@siop.org.

Sales are now open and will remain open throughout the year.

The guide will be updated as ads are purchased or refreshed.

Submit artwork to srogers@siop.org in PDF format with one ad link per ad page.


Susan Rogers, CAE
SIOP Business Development Manager

SIOP Advertising Policy:  

The publication of any advertisement by the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) is neither an endorsement of the advertiser nor of the products or services advertised. SIOP is not responsible for any claims made in an advertisement. The publications of SIOP are published for, and on behalf of, the membership to advance the science and practice of the psychology of work. The Society reserves the right to, unilaterally, REJECT, OMIT, or CANCEL advertising which it deems to be not in the best interest of SIOP, the objectives set forth above, or which by its tone, content, or appearance is not in keeping with the essentially scientific, scholarly, and professional nature of its publication.  Conditions, printed or otherwise, which conflict with this policy will not be binding on the publisher.