SIOP Military and Veterans Initiative





SIOP Military and Veterans Initiative (MVI) Task Force

This task force was formed in November 2018 to continue the work begun by dedicated members working on the SIOP Veterans Initiative began in 2011. The MVI task force will build collaborations and enact projects aimed at increasing workplace resources and their dissemination to support those in the military community (e.g. Veterans, Guard and Reservists, Military Spouses) employed in civilian settings and employers of veterans.

SIOP’s MVI Task Force draws upon the unique qualifications and expertise of SIOP members and their understanding of psychological science and best practices to educate and inform civilian employers about the military so that these companies can improve their efforts to hire and retain veterans, service members, and their families.

Task Force Chair Dr. Kristin Saboe says, “The task force is eager to serve those in the military community - veterans, guard/reservists, spouses of military members, and military dependents - to ensure all employers understand the advantage these individuals bring to organizations and educational settings.”

SIOP first launched the predecessor to this volunteer-based Initiative in 2011 to provide employment counseling services to military veterans.  The new expansion and relaunch as a task force formalizes and broadens SIOP’s scope to extend its efforts beyond just military veterans to also include those currently serving in the military in active and Reserve capacities as well as military spouses and family members.

(Pictured above, from left: Kristin Saboe, Nathan Ainspan, SIOP President Talya Bauer, and Patricia Engelhardt) 

Task Force Chair: Dr. Kristin Saboe

Task Force Members:

  • Dr. Adam Kabins
  • Dr. Josh Cotton
  • Dr. Peter Reiley

Liaison Members:

  • Dr. Nathan Ainspan (Department of Defense)
  • Dr. Patricia Engelhardt (Department of Defense)