HR Management & I-O Webinars


HR Management and I-O Practice Webinars

Industrial and Organizational (I-O) Psychologists work to provide strategically focused and scientifically rigorous solutions to work issues facing individuals, teams, and organizations. 

I-O psychologists are trusted leadership partners in many organizational settings, with areas of expertise including employee selection and assessment, training and development, performance management, employee engagement, and organizational development. 

Managers in any organizational setting and I-O practitioners can benefit from the expertise shared in the HR Management Webinars linked below. These webinars are usually less than 30 minutes in length and are appropriate for general business audiences.

A second group of webinars, on I-O Practice topics, also generally under 30 minutes long are, more appropriate for I-O practitioners and consultants.  

Other webinars specifically of interest to current and potential psychology students and career changers can be found on this page.

The webinars linked here are sponsored and developed by the SIOP Professional Practice Committee, as part of SIOP’s mission to enhance human well-being and performance in organizational and work settings by promoting the science, practice, and teaching of industrial-organizational psychology.

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HR Management Topics

In this 27-minute webinar released in early 2020, Alan Colquitt, author, speaker and recognized expert on performance management, discusses moving from “performance management 1.0,” which is closely tied to feedback, ratings and compensation, to a new, evidence-based paradigm. “performance management 2.0” leverages research on goal setting, teams, employee engagement, affect and emotion to help create better outcomes for workers and organizations. 

This 20-minute video with Mark Morris gives a primer on developing, measuring, and reporting about training programs with an emphasis on proving ROI and utility for the organization. The program will help you review current approaches and best practices, learn how to construct basic training metrics, and look at training in the larger business context.

This 25-minute introductory webinar on HR Analytics by Jeremy Kasle begins by defining the topic, then covers how to develop analytics capability, and how to use the insights gained. The presentation concludes with a section on lessons learned and advice.

This webinar explores three things you can do to be better at giving feedback and three things you can do to be a better feedback recipient, according to research. In this 23 minute webinar, Brodie Gregory presents the four key components of any feedback exchange and shares evidence-based tactics for being both a better feedback provider and a better feedback recipient, with illustrative examples. You’ll learn research-based tips that you can immediately apply in your own work and life, with clients, or to inspire your research.

In this 17-minute webinar, Jessica Dzieweczynski and Hanna Pillion present a brief webinar on implementing employee engagement initiatives in an organization, which covers each stage of the engagement lifecycle – including measurement, analysis, action planning, and implementation – and shares best practices for each stage of the process. 

In this 36-minute webinar, Mike Camburn and Marni Falcone demonstrate how I-O psychology concepts create the foundation for effective succession planning by deconstructing the process into six common steps.

This mini webinar covers the emerging topic of learning agility in a short, practical primer. Learning agility, the ability and willingness to learn from experience, is a concept that has been around for about 20 years. Watch this short webinar to get more information about the current research and practice surrounding learning agility!

I-O Practice Topics

During this 20-minute webinar, Ken Lahti shares tips for influencing and impacting throughout the customer life cycle. The webinar details the buying process, common challenges and opportunities, and strategies for connecting with the customer and addressing resistance.

During this 18-minute webinar, Gavan O'Shea focuses on techniques for evaluating the impact of leadership and development programs and presents strategies for communicating the importance of evaluation to stakeholders. Viewers will learn about specific challenges associated with evaluating leadership development programs (LDPs).

This 17-minute webinar provides tips for how I-Os can frame a story, tell it, and get their organization’s leadership to follow through and listen to what they have to say. The webinar discusses how to frame your discussion, explain your purpose, provide key messages, and how to present data and statistics in a way that will resonate with leaders.

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