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SIOP Members Included in APA Annual Trends Report

Earlier this year, the APA released its annual Trends Report, highlighting 12 emerging trends in psychological science.

Several themes arose in the compilation of this report. According to the APA, “2024 will be a pivotal year for psychology. The U.S. presidential campaign, already infected with misinformation, needs psychological science’s debunking and prebunking strategies. Generative artificial intelligence—unleashed upon society with few guardrails—will desperately require social science insights as it progresses along its exciting and uncertain trajectory.”

The 12 emerging trends are:

  • Pushing back against the threat of misinformation
  • Generative artificial intelligence
  • The uncertain future of higher education
  • Policy trends affecting people’s mental health
  • Backlash against racial equity efforts
  • High demand for mental health care
  • Instability of work
  • Alliances in substance treatment efforts
  • A push for more school psychologists
  • Monetizing mental health technology
  • A new normal for telehealth
  • New interventions that can help prevent, identify, and manage cognitive decline

SIOP members are often quoted in the media on topics like these, and this report was no different. Join us in reading our members’ insights in the following articles:

We combed the trend articles looking for SIOP members. If we missed you, please accept our apology and let us know so we can update this article.

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