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Request for Published and Unpublished Studies on the Impact of Gender Cues in Job Ads on Women’s and Men’s Interest in a Job

We are seeking published or unpublished studies for a meta-analysis on gender cues in job ads. Cues can include gender-stereotyped wording, the phrasing of the job title (firefighter vs. firemen), the use of pronouns, the description of requirements (e.g., requiring behavior vs. traits or omitting unnecessary demands), the focus of content (e.g., intrinsic vs. extrinsic values; work-life balance, etc.), to the use of statements concerning EEO or pictures signaling diversity. All these cues can impact women’s and men’s interest in a job (e.g., intention to apply, job (ad) appeal, organizational attractiveness, feelings of belongingness). We are also interested in other conceptualizations of gender cues and interest in a job. We encourage you to send whatever you feel is relevant.

We are especially interested in unpublished manuscripts, dissertations, theses, conference papers, or raw data that concern gender cues in job ads but may not appear in a journal search. We have conducted a thorough review of the literature, but please feel free to point us toward published work that meets the criteria to ensure it has been identified.

Please share working versions of papers or the following information to julia.buettner@uni-ulm.de:

  •  Descriptive values of the dependent variables (Means, standard deviations, and ns) for each condition of the job ad separately for women and men
  • Description of each measure for each variable (e.g., reliabilities, if possible, please provide the measure source or items)
  • Description of manipulation of the job ad (e.g., how was the gender cue implemented, was it leadership position, occupational field)
  • The sample size and description of the participants (e.g., gender, age, occupation) and research context (e.g., location, nationality)
  • Information concerning study design (e.g., between-subjects vs. within-subjects)

We appreciate your consideration. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Deadline: June 30th

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