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Professional Practice Series Adds New Volume

Strategic Workforce Planning: Best Practices and Emerging Directions is latest in the series

The SIOP Professional Practice Series continues its tradition of providing quality volumes in useful, practice-related topics with Strategic Workforce Planning: Best Practices and Emerging Directions.

Edited by SIOP Fellow Marc B. Sokol and SIOP Member Beverly A. Tarulli, the book discusses changes in the workforce and workplace due to global disruptions like the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact of quickly evolving technologies, as well as re-examines what strategic workforce planning (SWP) is and can be, how it is conducted, and what impact it can have on individual organizations and beyond.

Sokol explained SWP as “the process of looking forward, assessing how to compete and win in your chosen market or business arena, and linking those insights to your existing and potential future workforce.” He added that SWP is core to any institution that aspires to win against its competitors and sustain itself over time.

“While there are many I-O psychologists who have some involvement in strategic workforce planning, most don’t realize how relevant their skills are and how much impact they can have,” Sokol said. “This volume captures best practices and emerging directions from practitioners around the world. Our contributors offer their lessons of experience, novel ways to conduct SWP, technical and consulting frameworks, even insights on how some are teaching this topic in our graduate programs.”

He added that he and Tarulli are excited to showcase the evolution of this work, share cases of how it is performed in large companies, in smaller fast-moving firms, how to incorporate DEI, and how AI is shaping SWP.

In addition to an overview of SWP, the book covers best practices across organization types, geographies, and methodologies, and addresses new directions in the field. Authors share case examples and experience-based insights, spanning the evolution of SWP, best practices for analytics and consulting, maturity models, how SWP can be practiced in large companies in the United States and abroad, in high- and low-growth environments, and when to plan for future tasks versus planning for future roles.

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