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Amber Stark

SIOP Memorabilia Auction Opens Aug. 16

In 2022, SIOP became a fully remote employer. As a result, we have SIOP Memorabilia to part with, and we thought our members might want to add part of our collection to their home or office decor.

The SIOP Memorabilia Auction kicks off Wednesday and will run through Sept. 6. Members, former members, and even nonmembers who have an interest in SIOP and I-O psychology can bid on SIOP Annual Conference programs, conference and SIOP Leading Edge Consortium collectibles, multimedia, publications, SIOP collectibles, and TIP and IOP issues.

Many of the items are singles, that is, we only have one up for auction. So, if you want a printed conference program from the first year you presented or a 25th Anniversary SIOP Annual Conference glass paperweight to replace one that broke, act fast!

Income generated by the auction will advance SIOP’s mission to promote the science, practice, and teaching of I-O psychology.

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