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Timely Resources and Top Insights Available During Workshop on AI and Psychological Safety

Recent breakthroughs in artificial intelligence (AI) have quickly changed the way many employees and organizations approach their work. Although this technology has great promise for improving efficiency and cutting costs, the impact on employee psychological safety could decrease overall productivity if potential issues are not addressed.

On Wednesday, August 23, SIOP Fellow and selection technology expert, Charles Handler; SIOP Member, SIOP Trend Champion, and psychological safety expert, Juliette Nelson; SIOP Member and diversity expert, Ludmila Praslova; and social cognition expert, Filipa de Almeida, will skillfully combine their expertise to deliver The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Psychological Safety, the next SIOP Work Smart Series workshop.

Attendees will leave this event able to:

  • describe the concept of psychological safety, some of the many ways in which artificial intelligence is being introduced into the workplace and the intersection of artificial intelligence tools and humans in the workplace.
  • discuss current research exploring interactions between humans and AI, including interactions with AI leaders and colleagues.
  • explain how employees experience AI through an inclusivity perspective and share recommendations for enhancing inclusion when introducing and using AI tools and applications.
  • apply learnings to case studies and examples to create recommendations for fostering psychological safety in workplaces amid the introduction of AI tools.

Psychological safety is a multifaceted subject that can seem like an intimidating undertaking, especially when paired with the ever-changing field of AI. However, with the proper skills and knowledge, talent management professionals and business leaders can learn ways to foster psychological safety among employees.

Register now to build a psychologically safe culture that adapts to technological change.

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