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SIOP CEO Search Update

As announced in the May 3 edition of the SIOP Source, Tracy Vanneman is leaving SIOP’s executive director role in July, and the search has begun for her replacement.

During times of transition, there is an opportunity to update facets of a role, including the job title. The association industry is embracing more ubiquitous use of the title of chief executive officer for top staff leadership roles, and so SIOP is following suit in hiring a CEO rather than an executive director.

The posting for the CEO role was shared on several job boards, including the SIOP I-O Job Network, and with the American Society of Association Executives, CEO Update, and more. Applications were due June 4. The SIOP CEO Search Committee, led by Chair John Scott, will now begin the process of reviewing applications to determine which candidates best meet the position’s qualifications and should therefore be contacted for an interview.

“This is such an essential role for SIOP, and fortunately, many high-quality candidates have applied for this position,” Scott said. “The next step is to administer a rigorous screening process to identify which candidate can most effectively drive operational excellence and support SIOP’s short- and long-term strategic initiatives.”

SIOP President Tara Behrend added, “Our approach is to use the best I-O science in this process to make sure we choose the best candidate for the job."

Interviews will take place later this month.

In addition to Scott, Search Committee members include:

  • Tara Behrend, Ex Officio
  • Alexis Fink, Ex Officio
  • Alex Alonso
  • Eric Heggestad
  • Fred Oswald
  • Doug Reynolds
  • Steven Rogelberg
  • William Shepherd
  • Dean Stamoulis
  • Nancy Tippins

Vanneman was selected as SIOP executive director in April 2020, after having been chosen as interim executive director in June 2019. More information on the search process will be shared with SIOP members as it moves forward.

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