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Jenny Baker

Call for Submissions for Special Issue in Group and Organization Management

The Use and Efficacy of Employer-Sponsored Mental Wellbeing Programs

Mental wellbeing and health are receiving increasing attention, investment, and priority in the professional world. Employers are spending more to support their employees’ mental wellbeing, while workers are demanding more support amidst a growing prevalence of mental health challenges. In addition to health insurance coverage for Mental Illness, and the required accommodations/fair-hiring protections provided for these conditions, employers are commonly offering Employee Assistance Programs, Stress-Reduction, Mindfulness, Meditation, e-counseling, and more to attract, retain, and support workers. But ~75% of business leaders hesitate to voluntary provide mental health offerings because they lack certainty about what to offer, how to choose an offering, or not having considered these offerings at all. Evidence also indicates that, for all of the cost of these programs to employers, employees often doubt or do not receive the benefit. Despite more than 70% of employers offering EAPs at no cost to employees, fewer than 10% of employees use them.

To serve employees and their companies’ investment, we seek to found a research stream on the Use and Efficacy of Employer-Sponsored Mental Wellbeing Programs, with a Special Issue in Group and Organization Management. The SI has four major objectives.

1. Increase the discourse in empirical research on employee benefits relative to mental wellbeing

2. Assemble a body of empirical evidence to inform organization leaders and HR professionals in their decision-making regarding which mental wellbeing resources are appropriate for their employees

3. Fill the void in organization and HR literatures regarding an under-researched aspect of employee total rewards

4. Present the perspective of employees who seek out mental wellbeing resources from their employers

A full call can be found here.

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