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SIOP Diversifying I-O Psychology Program Now Recruiting Scholars, Research Mentors

The SIOP Diversifying I-O Psychology Program is excited to begin the second phase of its mission: the mentorship program for Scholars. This phase will focus on research experience in the form of a research mentor-mentee relationship.

Attendees of the October 2022 Diversifying I-O Psychology Virtual Conference, as well as anyone who didn’t attend, are invited to apply for this opportunity, which will last 10 weeks. This phase will culminate in the final phase where participants will attend (with full funding) the 2023 SIOP Annual Conference in Boston, Massachusetts.

The goal of the SIOP Diversifying I-O Psychology Program is to help undergraduates gain the experience and qualifications needed to be more competitive to apply for funded I-O psychology doctoral programs. Specifically, the program focuses on Black, Latinx/Hispanic, and Native American undergraduate students to address the issue of racial minority underrepresentation in these doctoral cohorts.

Please consider forwarding the following application link to undergraduate students and associated listservs to apply to be a Scholar. Potential Scholars will be asked, but not required, to request a letter of recommendation from a faculty or other relevant professional.

Finally, to provide these opportunities, we are asking I-O faculty and practitioners to consider applying to be a research mentor for these Scholars.

The applications will be open until Feb. 1, 2023, and the final Scholar-Research Mentor pairings will be announced by February 8, 2023.

More information about the SIOP Diversifying I-O Psychology Program can be found on the SIOP website.

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