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Jenny Baker
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Membership Milestones

Jayne Tegge, Volunteer and Member Services Manager

Please welcome the following new professional members:

Allison Abbe

Elsheba Abraham

Rosie Ayala

Thomas Ayres

Brooke Barrettsmith

Sara Barth

LaTanya Baylis

Holly Benner

Tim Bowden

Alexandra Bratty

Vanessa Burke

Tena Cale

Jesse Caylor

Nai-Wen Chi

Nikki Cornell

Mateo Cruz

Borbala Csillag

Bryan Dawson

Theodora DeMaria

Kimberly Derryberry

Tessly Dieguez

Kelly Dray

Katherine D'Souza

Hannah Ewing

Nikola Fedorowicz

Nicholas Flannery

Paula Gallo

Daniel Gandara

Sharon Godwin

Suzanne Gough

Nicole Gray-Willis

Garrett Harper

Janice Haskins

Lucille Headrick

Enrique Hernandez Lopez

Mara Hesley

Louis Hickman

Danielle Hicks

Abri Joyner

Mark Kammerdiener

Angela Karnes Padron

Sijun Kim

Jordan King

Mari Kira

Uganda Knapps

Barbara Körner

Jiri Krejci

Alex Leung

Randy Lim

Angeline Lim

Bronze Lougheed

Doreen Matthes

John-Luke McCord

Myron McGhee

Travis Messmer

Bridget Moran

Chris Murasso

Alexander Nassrelgrgawi

Cassondra Pascoe-Pierce

Jennifer Patrick

Ana Pena-Garcia

Valeria Peters

Carrie Plowman

Christina Poor

Elena Ragusa

Daniel Ravid

Kathrina Robotham

Sandrine Romain-Cardozo

Jasmine Russell-Peter

Therese Sanderson

Barbara Schmidtman

Kate Schwarz

Jamie Severt

Yiduo Shao

Jenn Shepard

Steven Snell

Aleksandra Sobol

Samantha Stalion

Karan Syal

Iris Thomas

Matthew Trafican

Allison Traylor

Herman Tse

Alatna Walsh

Jessica Webb

Julia Whitaker

Shura Steven Whitaker

Rachel Whitman

Catherine Wright

Charlene Zhang

Ze Zhu

I have volunteered with SIOP since my first year in graduate school. I have learned so much about the organization and connected with amazing mentors who help me navigate the I-O world. I keep renewing my SIOP membership because it keeps me up to date on best practices in I-O after I have graduated. The answers I need are at my fingertips.    

Alexandra I. Zelin

Please welcome the following Associate Members who have upgraded using the Path to Full Membership

Sachin Jain            Jami Firek            Noelle Frantz

I love how SIOP offers unique networking opportunities at the annual conference…those informal meetings in particular could lead to promising collaborations.

Shahnaz Aziz


Please welcome the following new members of the Sterling Circle, those with 25 years or more of SIOP membership.

Charles Baker

Lisa Boyce

Paul Erdahl

Louis Forbringer

David Futrell

Amy Grubb

Peter Hart

Timothy Huelsman

Sherilyn Kam

Jeffrey Klawsky

Marina Kolesnikova

Sarah Lueke

Lynn McFarland

Lisa Penney

Harvey Sterns

Scott Young

I don’t have a “typical” I-O role, so I value the opportunity to attend the annual conference to reconnect. I can immerse myself in all of the data and theories, to meet people who think about organizations and work in similar ways, and to walk away energized and grounded.

Victoria Stage


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