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Industrial-Organizational Psychologists Contribute to use of Artificial Intelligence

AI Updates

By Julie Carle

Industrial and organizational psychologists are providing expertise to the science of artificial intelligence.

AI, which makes it possible for machines to learn from experience and perform human-like tasks, is integrated across all sectors of the economy and society from science and medicine to transportation and communications.

SIOP is interested in the impact of AI on workers and the workforce, including its use in hiring and promotion decisions in businesses and organizations, and has developed guidelines that apply to all selection procedures including those that incorporate AI, machine learning, and other novel assessment techniques.

Currently, SIOP is actively involved in AI research and development through representation on a national advisory committee, helping to determine research funding, and providing feedback about the federal government’s AI strategic plan.

SIOP Fellow appointed to national advisory committee
SIOP Fellow Fred Oswald, Rice University, is among the 27 AI experts appointed to the U.S. Department of Commerce’s inaugural National Artificial Intelligence Advisory Committee (NAIAC). The committee’s purpose is to advise President Biden and the National AI Initiative Office on a range of issues related to AI. The recommendations will provide the foundation for national AI policy for several decades.

“It is a privilege to represent I-O psychology when informing the nation on AI that is inclusive, fair, effective, and legal, reflecting the best of our science and practice,” Oswald said.

The initiative directs the NAIAC to provide recommendations on topics including the current state of U.S. AI competitiveness, the state of science around AI, and AI workforce issues. The committee also is responsible for advice regarding the management and coordination of the initiative itself, including its balance of activities and funding.

“The expertise of the NAIAC will be critical in helping to ensure the United States leads the world in the ethical development and adoption of AI, provides inclusive employment and education opportunities for the American public, and protects civil rights and civil liberties in our digital age,” said Alondra Nelson, head of the Office of Science and Technology and deputy assistant to the president.

You can view the NAIAC kickoff meeting here.

I-Os invited to help review AI research proposals
SIOP members are invited to share their expertise with the National Science Foundation by volunteering for interdisciplinary panels that will review proposals submitted to the National Artificial Intelligence Research Institutes competition. The program funds research to invest in the next generation of AI that will drive discovery and insight and enable the US to remain a world leader in AI.

The topics include Intelligent Agents for Next-Generation Cybersecurity, Neural and Cognitive Foundations of Artificial Intelligence, AI for Climate-Smart Agriculture and Forestry, AI for Decision Making, and Trustworthy AI and AI-Augmented Learning to Expand Education Opportunities and Improve Outcomes.

Learn more about the program here. Members interested in volunteering, should complete a survey by May 13.

SIOP comments on AI strategic plan
When the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) requested information seeking to update the National AI Research and Development Strategic Plan, SIOP responded.

The organization submitted comments that specifically addressed standards in AI-based hiring assessments, suggesting the OSTP adopt SIOP’s guidance published in Principles for the Validation and Use of Personnel Selection Procedures.

SIOP also included recommendations related to AI and the emerging technology-enabled workforce. Because I-Os have a record of analyzing how technology and AI will affect the workforce, SIOP noted I-Os role in developing effective strategies to retrain workers, identifying current skill needs, and projecting the skills of importance for the future.

Additional information
SIOP’s Statement on the Use of AI for Hiring, which provides guidance on the effective use of AI-based assessments, was created by the SIOP Task Force on AI-Based Personnel Assessment and Prediction. The task force launched last fall in response to the increasing use of AI in employee selection and promotion.

The 2022 Visionary Circle Grant was recently awarded to the team proposal, “We Are in This Together: When an AI Agent Becomes Your Teammate.” More information about this project will be shared in a future Source issue.

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