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Amber Stark

APA Annual Trends Report

Earlier this year, the APA released its annual Trends Report, highlighting 14 emerging trends in psychological science.

Several themes arose in the compilation of this report. According to the APA, “In 2022, psychological science will play an increasingly outsized role in the debate about how to solve the world’s most intractable challenges. Human behavior is at the heart of many of the biggest issues with which we grapple: inequality, climate change, the future of work, health and well-being, vaccine hesitancy, and misinformation. Psychologists have been asked not only to have a seat at the table but to take the lead on these issues and more.”

14 emerging trends:

  1. The rise of psychologists
  2. Reworking work
  3. Open science is surging
  4. Prominent issues in health care
  5. Mental health, meet venture capital
  6. Kicking stigma to the curb
  7. New frontiers in neuroscience
  8. Millions of women have left the workforce. Psychology can help bring them back.
  9. Children’s mental health is in crisis
  10. Burnout and stress are everywhere
  11. Climate change intensifies
  12. Big data ups its reach
  13. Psychology’s influence on public health messaging is growing
  14. Telehealth proves its worth

SIOP members are often quoted in the media on topics like these, and this report was no different. Join us in reading our members’ insights in the following articles:

We combed the trend articles, looking for SIOP members. If we missed you, please accept our apology and let us know by emailing astark@siop.org so we can update this article.

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