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Membership Milestones

Jayne Tegge, Member Engagement Manager

Please welcome the newest members of the Sterling Circle (25+ years of SIOP membership).

Helena Cooper Thomas

Eddie Jerden

Alexandra Luong

Cheri Ostroff

Jeffrey Quinn

Jana Raver

Jennifer Veitch

I love SIOP because it helps me grow and develop as a professional in this exciting field! My membership allows me access to latest research and application, that I can bring back to my classroom. It also brings me the feeling of pride and joy for all the amazing contributions that our community is making to employees, organizations, and societies.  

Lucy Jdanova, PhD
Assistant Professor, MAIOP/MIOP
I-O Psychology Practicum Coordinator

Please also welcome our new professional members.

Bryan Acton

Roberly Aladin

Valeria Alterman

Chrisann Anderson

Zvi Aronson

Stephanie Barrow

Maryanne Battles

Amanda Bell

Kristin Broussard

Paige Brown

Gwen Camacho

Armando Casarez

Jay Conger

Grace Cormier

Alise Dabdoub

Marco De Angelis

Gordon Demery

Paul Dizona

Kristin Durrance

Tonya Echols

Meike Eilert

Eric Evans

Laura Ferguson

Dyan Ferraris

Catalina Flores

Faith Fox

Qi Fu

Mary Galloway

Olivia Garrett

Vishal Ghule

Colleen Gillmore

Kathryn Godfrey

Kaytlynn Griswold

Catherine Hambley

Lisa Handke

Mark Hannon

Madison Hanscom

Shanon Harmon

Megan Hendricks

Doo-Seung Hong

Sylvia Hughley

Derek Hutchinson

Daniel Ingels

Andrea Irish

Neil Jacobsen

David Kennedy

Kyoungyong Kim

Meghan Kubie

Diane Laroche

Kiara Lawson

Sin Chien Lee

Deborah Lee

Meng Li

Milissa Lilley

Jorge Lumbreras

Julio Manso

Barbara Maselli

Michelle Miller

Jared Millican

Rajanique Modeste

Marino Mugayar-Baldocchi

Jenna Munoz

Amanda Munsterteiger

Shirita Nash

Catherine Neale

Hadar Nesher Shoshan

Vincent Ng

Adriene Owens

Lauren Park

Ajay Ponnapalli

Ingrid Prioleau Byrd

Alice Pyclik

Olivia Reinecke

Denise Reyes

Ethan Rothstein

Esther Scott

Natasha Scott

Dana Sendziol

Kaitlyn Sitniewski

Mario Suárez

Natasha Tenreiro

Leon Toebben

Justin Travis

Steve VanKrevelen

Jose Vicuna

Carlos Viera

Stella Voules

Chen Wang

Justin Wiegand

Jon Willford

Alexis Williams

Betsy Wills

Amanda Woods

Greggory Wright

Lei Xie

Tetsuhiro Yamada

Qi Zhang

Bo Zhang

Helen Zhao






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